Stick a fork in her, she’s done. No. Really. Stick a fork in her. A real fork

Dateline 1968. Following the Tet Offensive:

When Mr. Cronkite came back from Vietnam after the Tet offensive of 1968, he concluded on national television that the war had become no better than a stalemate. Hearing that, President Lyndon Johnson told associates, ”If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” And he had.

Dateline 10/22/2005. The Miers Offensive:

THIS IS WHERE I GET OFF [Jonah Goldberg ]

My official position on Miers has been to criticize the selection, but give her the benefit of the doubt until the hearings. In other words, bad pick but she’s the nominee so let’s give her a shot.

No more.

After reading this story I’m officially against Miers. I’m with the Editors , Will, Frum, and Krauthammer.

It’s not just that Miers was in favor of racial quotas — we’d pretty much known that for a while. It’s the fundamental confirmation that she’s a go-along-with-the-crowd establishmentarian. The White House says that her enthusiastic support for goals, timetables and quotas at the Bar Association says nothing about her views on government race policies. Yeah, right. She simultaneously thought what she was doing was great and important while also believing it would be unconstitutional if the government did the same thing.

The White House says she’s an unchanging rock of principle. Uh huh. So have her opinions held constant since the early 1990s? Or have they shifted with the wind? If she’s a rock, I don’t want her. If she’s a weather vane, I don’t want her.

I just don’t want her.

Start over.

George W. Bush:

”If I’ve lost Doughy Pantload, I’ve lost the Krispy Kreme vote. ”

A watershed moment that, if he’s not already hitting the Tequiza, should make George W. Bush fall off the wagon and go looking for Laura’s private stash hidden behind the tampon dispenser in the Camp David ladies lie-down room.

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