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“9/11 brought out the worst in Ann Coulter. She proclaimed a crusade against pagans and a jihad against liberals. Coulter advocated slaughtering civilians, ethnic cleansing and identity papers.”

— narration from

The Truth About Ann, a new documentary by conservative Daniel Borchers

The intellectually bankrupt, bed-worn b*tch of the wingnut set, Ann Coulter, has seen her base begin to bail on her, as the deranged columns and speaking engagements, full of her trademark meaningless, hate-filled vitriol, turn people off.

Brad Friedman of The BradBlog, who chased Ann off the air earlier this month in a debate on Ron Insana’s radio show, is probably getting a good laugh out of this development.

Conservative Daniel Borchers of the organization Citizens for Principled Conservatism (CPC) is producing a documentary called The Truth About Ann, which is going to heap more misery onto the beast as potent as anything Michael Moore could have doled out. His purpose is to call out Ann’s hypocrisy and bigotry, and the fact that ultimately, she’s a phony conservative media whore out for the buxxx.

Borchers gets bonus points for planning the release of the documentary to coincide with the release of Coulter’s next book. Yummy.

The Truth About Ann, the documentary DVD currently in-production promises to “expose the extremist nature of Conservatism’s preeminent diva and reigning political icon,” according to a press release given to The BRAD BLOG by CPC. The film is said to examine “Coulter’s worldview, and the extremist polemics used to promote it.”

“Ann Coulter is mainstreaming extremism within the Conservative Movement,” warns Borchers. “Coulter has hijacked a substantial segment of the Conservative Movement and is re-creating it in her image. Her ‘New McCarthyism’ is poisoning millions of minds.”

Brad’s got the entire “Gospel of Ann” presentation, converted to Windows Media Player Video at his pad.

The racist man-vessel of the right wing elite has had to deal with some indiginities in the last few months…

* If you live in Tucson, Ariz., you won’t find Ann’s rants because the Arizona Daily Star dropped the WorldNetDaily columnist. The editor and publisher says, “many readers find her shrill, bombastic and mean-spirited.”

* In August, the right-wing blow-up doll was dumped as a speaker at Harding University, a Christian institution. The director of public relations said “We began to have second thoughts of the image that [Coulter] portrays in some of her presentations,” and that the university did not want to be associated with Coulter’s reputation for being “mean-spirited.”

Time. (Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

It’s likely Ann will always find some core Freepi fan base willing to shell out money for her latest book, but it will be interesting to see how many more movement conservatives abandon her. As one remarked in the Time April cover story on Coulter:

Some conservatives—many of them Coulter’s rivals for screen time, as she points out—have also drawn their knives. “Ann’s stuff isn’t very serious,” says a pundit who didn’t want to begin a public spat with Coulter. “We have this argument every now and then among our side: whether she is a net minus or net plus to conservatism. I have come to the conclusion that she’s a minus.” Even fans speak of Coulter in ways that suggest some distance: “I think Ann is a brilliant girl, and she’s got the quickest mouth in the East,” says the Rev. Jerry Falwell. “Now, I probably won’t use her on Sunday morning in my church because she is capable of getting a little aggressive.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding