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Project 21 nutcase: blacks should thank God for slavery

Unhinged black conservative Mychal Massie, getting chummy with Rick “Man-on-Dog” Santorum; winger radio host Janet Parshall feels she’s Mychal’s “sister” under the skin…

Ah…I haven’t written about this clown, Mychal Massie, in quite some time. Media Matters has audio and a transcript of Massie making an ass out of himself on the air. He’s like a bad penny — he’ll turn up sooner or later. Massie, you see, is a member of the shady Project 21, the “National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.” He got a tad overenthusiastic in his wingnuttery.

On the October 18 edition of the syndicated radio show Janet Parshall‘s America, Project 21 national advisory council member and columnist for conservative website Mychal Massie declared to host Janet Parshall that African-American churches today “have succumbed to hatred” and “disobedience to God.” Massie went on to proclaim that “the black people today that curse America are cursing God because if God had not permitted the Ashanti and Dahomey tribes of ancient Africa to trap other Africans and sell them to Muslims, who sold them to Europeans, we would not have what we have today.” Parshall praised Massie for his “straight talk” — the name of a program Massie hosts on the conservative website — and called him “brother.

What’s amusing about this story is that it’s a less-than-six-degrees-of-separation from our man of the day, Tom DeLay. More on that later.

I blogged about this sad Project 21 organization at my pad back in January. Project 21 is not a free-standing organization; it is an “initiative” of the conservative think tank, The National Center for Public Policy Research. The sole purpose of Project 21 is to provide token talking head media whores to represent the right wing when they need a splash of color. They will always be able find someone to Tom for the Right.

It’s too bad they can’t find anyone intelligent to shill for the wingers. I imagine after the Bush Administration’s performance during and after Katrina, it’s kind of hard for P21 thicken its ranks if they are looking for black folks that have consumed gallons of the Mehlman Kool-Aid.

It’s doubly sad because they couldn’t even find a brother to run the joint. P21 headed up by the curiously pale David Almasi, who, as Media Matters points out, previously worked for the Reed Irvine-created batsh*t group Accuracy in Academia.

How is this tied to DeLay? Terrible Tom’s friend, lobbyist Jack Abramoff gets around. He’s affiliated with The National Center for Public Policy Research. Media Matters:

Roll Call reported on October 19 that Jack Abramoff, a former NCPPR board member, used the organization to funnel $25,000 he received in lobbying fees from an Internet gaming company “to pay for foreign trips for Members of Congress and staff.” Roll Call noted, as did The Washington Post, that this money was used to help fund a May 2000 golfing trip to St. Andrews, Scotland, that included former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX).

And here’s a priceless photo for you, just to prove that P21 is firmly in bed with those in the know:

…Orrin Hatch in a loving embrace with P21 member Mychal Massie.

Hat tip, Blogenfreude at Agitprop.

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