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GOP: Dumbest. Tactics. Ever.

This is desperation, plain and simple. Ken Mehlman is flailing.

The Republican National Committee today unveiled a new interactive Web-based news program entitled “In The Know,” seeking to shore up support for Bush court nominee Harriet Miers and efforts to reach out to minority voters, RAW STORY has learned.

“In the Know” mimics a CNN-style news program. An olive-suited auburn-haired anchor sits in front of an ghosted capitol and two active LCD screens.

“Each edition of In The Know and all of will keep you connected to President Bush,” she says. To view the program, go to

I sullied my keyboard by surfing over to the site. Let me tell you, I nearly had to pick myself off of the floor after laughing so hard that it hurt.

Other segments of the show, “On the Move” and “Life of the Party,” examine the latest GOP happenings and events. The first edition features the Republican celebration of Hispanic Heritage month and the RNC summer meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The “Life of the Party” segment is available in both English and Spanish.

Mi partido is su partido,” declares Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman.

I moved on to the GOP blog, where I read some illuminating commentary from a party functionary, “eCampaign Staff Assistant” Katie MacGuidwin, in a post with the enlightening title, “More On Miers: Questionnaire Reveals Much More Important Info Than MSM Reported.”

In an effort to ensure that you are getting all of the information regarding Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, not just what the main stream media chooses to report, each day we will give you “More on Miers.”

Katie cites a chunk of an answer to question 28, which deals with “her judicial philosophy and feelings on judicial activism.” It’s quite dry pre-digested stuff you’d expect. Katie also notes that Dallas Bar Association will endorse Harriet Miers. That’s the same Bar Association, along with the State Bar of Texas, that Harriet (or her staff) can’t quite seem to figure out what she was doing when, as Harriet attempted to fill out her questionnaire for the Judiciary Committee:

Dallas Bar Association (joined in 1971)
1984-1987 President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President
Date unknown: Chair of the Board
Date unknown: Vice Chair of the Board
Date unknown: Vice President, Activities and Administrative
Date unknown: Secretary
Date unknown: Member, Evaluation Committee, Committee for a Qualified Judiciary
Date unknown: Charter Fellow, Lifetime Member, Dallas Bar Foundation

I have made my best efforts to include all organizations of which I was a member. However, I may have been a member of other organizations for which I no longer have records.

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