The Things I Do To Keep Up With Those Crazy Kids

The new David Foster Wallace comes out and
the bookstores are not amused……
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…in which your blogging host, intrigued by all the accolades ladeled upon Watchmen in this post goes out to a Borders this evening (while the girls are at Gwen Stefani and the bassett-boys are busily tearing the bed apart and making some kind of dog fort) and purchases a copy and endures a fanboy at the register who editorializes about how “awesome” it is and have I read V Is For Vendetta? and I started to get that social phobia thing which is where I don’t like talking to strangers and so I almost grab my debit card and bolt out the door…

But I didn’t. And I bought a copy of Kem Nunn’s Tijuana Straits because I’m a big fan of Tapping the Source but no so much The Dogs of Winter.

Later, In-N-Out was driven through…and it was good.

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