President Steely-Eyed Passive Aggressive Man

La Loon:

Once someone normally allied with the White House said some things that were highly critical of Mr. Bush, and the president quickly and publicly learned of them. Around this time an old friend of the president came to visit, and the president, still simmering, asked the friend what he thought of the criticism. The friend told Mr. Bush he thought the critic made some legitimate points.

Silence descended and Mr. Bush’s face turned stony.

“Six months on the sh– list?” said the friend.

“Three,” said the president.

When I heard this story I laughed with delight because it had the authentic sound of Bush. If he’s mad, you know. He doesn’t pretend and he doesn’t cover, and if anger is a flaw, well, we’re all human.

Not only doesn’t he pretend or cover, he can’t be wrong and he can’t make mistakes and he doesn’t confront and he puts people who disagree with him on his Double Secret Shit List.

How delightful. How Nixonian.

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