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Homosexual Activists Suspected of Pulling Students' Strings in GSA Lawsuit

“They will be introduced to college-age and adult homosexuals, and they will be fast-tracked right into the active practice of homosexual sex. What school ever wants to be in the situation of saying [that] homosexual sex is no problem for youth?”

— Linda Harvey, of Mission[ary Position] America on the ACLU’s pimping of the homo agenda

The title of this post is the actual headline of the AgapePress article. Is the AFA web news rag slyly referring to pulling G-strings (like our friend Willie Wilson, who suggests that lesbian recruiting involves G-strings made out of Pez)?

It’s like clockwork. The wingnut stories just fill up on my Bloglines feeds each day. It’s a seemingly endless list stories with idiots like this woman spouting off. The AmTaliban that thinks the ACLU folks sit around thinking about how to corrupt and turn the adults of tomorrow into raging fags and dykes.

Good night, this is brain-dead logic.

A conservative activist group is accusing the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union of using students to further its radical, pro-homosexual agenda in schools.

Two seniors at Maple Grove High School have sued their school and the Osseo School District for allegedly discriminating against their student group called “Straights and Gays for Equality,” or SAGE. The students claim the school has violated the Federal Equal Access Act by not allowing the homosexual group access to meeting rooms, bulletin boards, and the public address system on campus.

However, Linda Harvey of the conservative pro-family group Mission[ary Position] America believes the students’ lawsuit is yet another ploy orchestrated by pro-homosexual activists in an effort to gain legitimization for homosexuality. “This is one more of these situations, I would have to say, where students are being motivated and manipulated by adult homosexual activists and civil liberties proponents, and especially the American Civil Liberties Union,” she contends.

Harvey believes Maple Grove High School can avoid trouble by not considering homosexuality to be a viewpoint, as the students claim. She argues that the Osseo School District need not accept Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) like SAGE in order to have “viewpoint equality” on the campus, because homosexuality is not a viewpoint — rather, it is a dangerous, high-risk behavior.

And the school, the Mission America spokeswoman would argue, has both the right and the responsibility to protect students from unhealthy or unsafe activities on its campus. “What’s going to happen in these homosexual clubs,” she asserts, “is that they are social venues where kids will meet other kids who are also inclined to homosexuality.”

Regular Blenders are familiar with Harvey; the Stepford Wife has made a career of trying to protect young people from the evils of homosexuality. Here are some past posts from the tightly-wound woman:

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