Bush Disapproval Map – October Edition

Last month, I posted the Bush Disapproval Map. The idea is from the collected state opinion polls I’ve found at Survey USA. They list the difference between Bush’s Approval Rating and Bush’s Disapproval Rating. If the approval exceeds the disapproval, that’s counted as a net positive for Bush — in other words, that state “approves” of Bush. If disapproval is greater, that state “disapproves” of Bush.

Last month’s map found 12 states where Bush had net approval, which I’ve marked in red, and 38 states where he had net disapproval, marked in blue. As you can see, things are getting rougher in this round of post-Katrina, post-DeLay, post-Frist, post-Miers, current-Plamegate-subpeona polling. Bush is down to seven states with a net approval (the purple states are where approval and disapproval are equal.)

Here’s your Twelve Bush-lovin’ states from last month and a look at how their minds have changed since September:

   STATE         OCT   SEP  DIFF
1 Utah +25% +27% -2%
2 Idaho +11% +17% -6%
3 Wyoming +10% +11% -1%
4 Alaska +8% +1% +7%
5 Nebraska +7% +13% -6%
6 Oklahoma +5% +5% 0%
7 North Dakota +1% +5% -4%
8 Mississippi 0% +12% -12%
8 Montana 0% +1% -1%
10 Alabama -1% +7% -8%
10 Louisiana -1% +5% -6%
16 Texas -12% +7% -19%

In other words, out of the twelve states where Bush still held a overall positive view from the people, that view has declined in ten of those states. It’s not surprising to see a 6%-12% drop for Bush in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, but I’m shocked to see a 19% drop in his own “home” state of Texas! Yee-Haw!

For reference sake, here’s the map from last month:

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