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'God blogging' conventioneers and the political power of the medium

Obviously you can blog about religion from the Left (e.g., Street Prophets) or the Right (pick any AmTaliban site), but I imagine more folks at this convention were of the Right-leaning variety, based on this article (and the fact that the anti-gay, conservative blogger LaShawn Barber was there). (Guardian):

What would Jesus blog? This was among the questions considered by a conference of God bloggers in California at the weekend, which heralded their growing numbers as potentially the most important development in the spread of Christianity since the Gutenberg printing press began churning out bibles in the 15th century.

The three-day gathering at Biola University brought together around 135 Christian bloggers to discuss topics ranging from their relationship with the traditional church to their growing influence on mainstream politics.

…Some commentators believe the growth of religious blogs will have political ramifications in the US. Christian conservatives make up the Republican “base” that was primarily responsible for putting George Bush in the White House, and the God blogging phenomenon could make them an even more effective political force. It is “certainly going to be [of] more benefit to Republicans than Democrats”, Carol Darr, director of George Washington University’s Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet, told Fox News.

Matt Anderson, 23, the coordinator of the God Blog Convention, told the news channel’s website that one of the goals of the conference was to see whether God, Christian-oriented blogging and politics were a good marriage, and if so, how they should match up.

Is there any way that those blogging from the Left on religious issues can make any headway?

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