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Abstinence guru upset that contraceptives are reducing teen pregnancies

And her point is? Shouldn’t Leslee Unruh just be happy teen pregnancies are down, no matter what the cause?

The president of Abstinence Clearinghouse says she is pleased that a recent study shows that the number of unmarried teenagers getting pregnant has gone down; however, some of the theories cited by the study as to why have her concerned.

The study Unruh is referencing, conducted by Columbia University, found that teen pregnancies are down about a third from their peak in 1991. The researchers credit this trend in part to higher numbers of teens remaining abstinent, but they also say that increased availability of contraceptives has been a factor.

The Abstinence Clearinghouse spokeswoman does not see this increase in the availability of contraceptive devices as a positive trend or a positive influence on youth. “Condoms are passed out in our schools; they are passed out everywhere,” she laments. “You can hardly go anywhere anymore that you don’t find some condom advertising.”

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