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The Dark Wraith He-Stuff Challenge (for Shakespeare's Sister)

The Dark Wraith Forums has begun a little benefit for Shakes Sis, who was sacked from her job a couple of weeks ago.

This is a very interesting challenge; I’ve heard our very own “Radical” Russ has received an invitation.

As many of you who visit this part of the Blogosphere already know, Shakespeare’s Sister lost her job awhile back. She and her husband, Mr. Shakes, have been the beneficiaries of kind and generous donations to tide them through this difficult time in their life together. She is a good woman, and he a good man. They contribute greatly to our stand against a machine of repression, mendacity, and stunning incompetence that has opened the 21st Century on a trajectory as grim as any in American history. It is proper that we who are of like conscience in this time stand together and help each other.

Shakespeare’s Sister and Mr. Shakes will emerge from this trial, and they will go on, together and as individuals, to do good and great things; but for the time that is now, they are still in need of donations.

I am, at my heart, an old-time capitalist: something should be rendered for something gained; and that which is rendered should be of value to the extent that the market for it is willing and able to pay the price. To that end, then, I offer The Dark Wraith He-Stuff Challenge.

This night and tomorrow, I shall be visiting selected sites of male bloggers. To the bloggers I visit, I shall deliver a slap-slap of masculine challenge with a link back to this post. If the he-blogger accepts, he must post his acceptance of the challenge on this thread to raise, in the period ending October 21, 2005, a sum of not less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00). The transfer is to go directly to Shakespeare’s Sister at the donations link on her blog. She will keep track of how much has been raised in each participating blogger’s name: each donor is to inform her by sending her an e-mail message at regarding.

Bloggers who reach a goal of $50 will be announced at Shakespeare’s Sister at one minute past midnight on October 22, 2005.

Any blogger who raises the required $50 must then post by October 23, 2005, a full boob shot of himself. He may conceal or otherwise crop his face, but he may not in any other way retouch the photo posted. The photo and the associated post with it must remain at the top of his blog, or reasonably close thereto, until 11:59 p.m. on October 25, 2005. Light-up and lace-up piercings are discouraged, as are robotic enhancements and crass commercial messages.

A blogger who accepts the challenge must post his acceptance on his own blog, as well. Only those who are successful in reaching their respective, $50 goals will be announced at the deadline. This will avoid undue and degrading embarrassment to those unable to generate sufficient interest from their readers.

Now that Shakespeare’s Sister has found out what’s going on, she has published at her blog a post to parallel the one you are now reading.

And with this post, The Dark Wraith He-Stuff Challenge begins.

When Dark Wraith announced this to me over the weekend, I just pleaded to him that I don’t want to see any he-chests that looked like the he-back in this post of mine…

Minor League Team To Host ‘Hairiest Back’ Contest.
Gag and hurl reflexes fully engaged. “The Potomac Nationals of the Carolina League are ready to let the fur fly later this month.”

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