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Sore loser

Durham City Council member — and recent primary loser — John Best, Jr. cussed out a reporter with a “Zellfire”-type challenge.

A real class act. Folks, if you run for office, this stuff is going to come out, and guess what — reporters are going to ask you questions. (News and Observer):

Durham City Councilman John Best Jr. tried to put a positive spin on his poor primary showing against first-time candidate Mike Woodard, who outpaced the incumbent’s vote total nearly 2-to-1 on Tuesday.

In a phone interview that night, Best emphasized that his distant second-place finish was still good enough to earn him a spot on the November ballot.

But when a reporter recounted how several voters leaving the polls said they supported Woodard because of Best’s well-publicized jail visit for failing to pay more than $18,500 in alimony and child support, the Ward 3 conservative lashed out at the “liberal media” for harping on what he considers a personal matter. [Dude, it’s in the public record.]

A part-time bartender, Best issued a lengthy verbal tirade that displayed an impressive and varied command of curse words for an elected official. He then laid down a fiery challenge reminiscent of former Sen. Zell Miller’s on-air invitation of NBC’s Chris Matthews to a duel.

I’ll meet you anywhere, anytime, you [expletives deleted],” the councilman screamed before hanging up.

Hat tip to J. Williamson at Watauga Watch and Blender katuah for the pointer.

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