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Sleazy Dick Morris pumps Condi for '08

This media hog is going to be appearing in Durham at a local bookstore to promote his new tome pictured above. He’s so full of hot air. Look at some of the BS that he’s promoting in the book.

In “Condi vs. Hillary” you’ll find out:

–The former Clinton Cabinet member who goes on the record for the first time in Morris’ book to say Republican Condi Rice will take an unprecedented 40 percent of the black vote in 2008.

–How Condi will generate huge support among women, blacks and Hispanics – insuring a GOP victory.

–Condi’s real-life experience fighting the “war on terror” makes her the presumptive heir to the Bush presidency.

–Condi never held elected office, but could easily join other great American presidents who hadn’t held office either.

–The childhood vow Condi made to her father that someday she’d live in “that house” – the White House.

–Race: How her election to the presidency will be the final battle of the Civil War, break the glass ceiling and affirm America’s vision of equality for all.

–Condi and Bush: why they really hit it off (and it has little to do with politics).

–Condi’s fervent Second Amendment views and why she really believes in gun rights.

–The real Condi you haven’t read about in the liberal papers, and much, much more.

Then he goes on to describe Hillary’s plan (as if he’s privy to any of this, since no one trusts the guy).

–Hillary’s secret 2008 campaign: She has already raised millions for it – and incredibly, has even locked up 20 percent of the Democratic primary delegates! (You won’t read this in the New York Times!)

–Hillary’s ties to “Pardongate,” which helped her raise money for her 2000 Senate bid.

–How the Clintons’ “Rolodex of millions” has made them the most powerful Democrats in America.

–Bill Clinton’s secret role as Hillary’s media consigliere.

–Cat tricks: Hillary cleverly avoids getting photographed with Ted Kennedy.

–Hillary’s reinvention – how she has changed her image and politics – and why one poll even had 33 percent of conservatives supporting her.

–Unmasked: Despite the masquerading, Hillary remains a hardcore liberal — for partial birth abortion, for more taxes, for lifting the travel ban to Cuba, for more union power and worse.

–Morris’s advice to Hillary on how to emulate Margaret Thatcher – and how Hillary has taken the advice!

–Why Hillary’s “Living History” was the ultimate “chutzpah.”

–Hillary’s two agendas in 2008; one involves Bill.

–Surprise: Morris says Hillary may actually drop out of the New York Senate race. (Morris reveals a private conversation with Terry McAuliffe about this.)

–2004 Games: The Clintons cleared the way for their 2008 run by sabotaging the Kerry campaign.

–Why Hillary has become scandal-proof and the old complaints over Whitewater just won’t work against her.

Well, it does sound interesting, almost high comedy — he sounds like he’s setting up a bitch-slapping fest. How does this sleazebag keep getting on the air to prognosticate anything? He will be all over the airwaves shilling this soon.

It’s too bad for Dick that this news broke today: Rice Says No – and No Again – on Presidential Bid

I decided to wade into Freeperland to see how they view Dick Morris’s predictions…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“And we should trust his advice…why?”

“Dick Morris has ‘egg on his face’ because of his assertion that Hillery would not run for Senator.”

“Dick must be sucking on a bottle rather than toes these days.”

“Dick Morris has been touting this for some time. Condit probably could stop Hillary, but I doubt that she is the only one. Ms.Rodham Clinton is one of the most divisive figures in the country, and thanks to Rush, the internet, Fox News, etc., the American people will not forget it as they may have in a less technological era.”

“Most Republicans are in denial, but Hillary Clinton is the most likely person to be the next president. The GOP can beat her, but the GOP needs to start acting like Republicans, mainly getting the budget under control with significant budget cuts. Without some bold actions by the GOP, Judge Roberts will be swearing in Hillary Clinton on January 20, 2009.”

“One problem with Morris’ prognostication is that three years is an eternity in politics. He doesn’t know who could emerge as a candidate between now and then. Who outside of Dem political elites had heard of Bill Clinton in 1989?”

“Dick has jumped the proverbial “shark””

“I do not “get” Dick Morris. The few times I have endured listening to him, he reminds me of a gossipy old granny.”

“Dick Morris, go suck a toe.”

“Morris is right this time, not because he says so, but because I say so. Rice can beat Hillary, but only if she gets lucky. Hillary has to be considered the favorite in this match up, for now. The real problem is that the Republicans are afraid of making her look like a victim, so they can’t attack. Hillary has to devote very few resources for defense, and that’s an important key to victory.”

“I’d vote for Condi, but sometimes I think I’d rather see Cheney in the Oval Office. Why? So I could grab a folding chair and a bucket of popcorn, go to the Mall and watch the Moonbats have aneurysms. There is a serious reason for that, too. Bush is so hated by what has become the mainstream of the Left that the Left does itself damage by constantly blaming him for every stubbed toe and parking ticket in America. That has to have an effect on the perceptions of Joe Lunchbucket, the Undecided Voter. A Cheney presidency would make the Left show itself for what it is in ways that would be impossible to ignore or misinterpret.”

“Cheney’s circulatory system couldn’t stand up to a presidential campaign.”

“Morris is selling a book. A work of fiction disguised as non-fiction. He’s picked a dramatic topic well in advance of it being falsified by events. and he’s promoting it like the movie posters of yore, which hinted at more provocative content than was actually supplied.”

“The Freeh book is at least supposed to contain facts.”

“Morris has it in for the Clintons and the (D)s , he sees the ultimate slap in the face to them would be defeating them with the “loophole” of an untouchable PC candidate… black, female.”

“Let me guess. Goatboy wants to erase the impeachment ‘stain’ by getting Hildebeast to install him as General Secretary of the U.N. I’ve been saying that for some time — a couple of years. I outlined the idea to some poker-playing friends, and two of them immediately responded, “You’ve just described the coming of the Antichrist.” Seems they’d been reading the Left Behind series.”

“America will not elect Hillary over a strong, competant man like George Allen or even John McCain. Call it an embedded sexist streak if you want, but my reading of the tea leaves never allows a woman to get elected over any suitable man. Put Condi in there, all bets are off, and removes that hurdle for Hillary!”

“Hell, Bob Dole could probably beat her.”

“But seriously, George Allen could, and so could Mike Pence. Probably all of your standard liberal Republicans could (Giuliani
, Romney, McCain, etc.), but they wouldn’t be much of an improvement over her. I also think that Tom McClintock, given an equilvalent amount of support from the party that other more well-known candidates would receive, would clobber her.”

“The only thing that disappoints me about George Allen was that he voted in favor of the ” Hate crimes ” legislation bill, in which included sexual orientation in that bill. Even if you speak out against homosexually ( the banning of the Bible will be next on the homosexuals target list , because it will be considered ” HATE SPEECH ” ) the gays will still consider it a hate crime if you even speak out against homosexuality. Just take a look at what happened to that pastor in Canada if you don’t think this can and will happen here in America. enator Allen voted in favor of that legislation, in which, was a BIG disappointment, because I was thinking of voting for him in 2008, but now, I have my doubts.”

“A dirty little secret is that there are a lot of senior citizens (many of whom vote Democrat–retired union workers, e.g.) who are sexist. I learned that firsthand when we got a woman pastor at our church. The old folks (men and women alike) did not like it one little bit. She’s won most of them over, but there are still some who don’t think women should have such a position of leadership and power. These folks will not vote for a woman for President.”

“Only Condi can stop Conservatism.”

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