I’ll save my column on puppy-crushing for a slow news week

I wasn’t happy about TimeSelect because I miss my weekly Frank Rich column. And the only objection I had to paying for it was the feeling that somehow a penny or two of mine would end up in John Tierney’s pocket which would only encourage him… and we can’t have that. Because without even reading his latest column, which is safely hidden like one of Judy Miller’s notebooks in the New York Times hidey-hole, I just know that Tieney is going to make an ass of himself…again.

First lines

The outing of Valerie Wilson was done by officials who didn’t think it was illegal. Hardball politics isn’t pretty, but it’s not criminal, either.

There you have it. As the investigation moves into Dick Cheney’s office, Tierney, apparently envious of all the attention that Richard Cohen has been getting, decided that he needed some of that sweet contempt that is lavished upon a complete and utter waste of editorial space, ink, paper, desk space, copier time, email address, and the shelf in the NY Times lunchroom refrigerator where he keeps his Lunchable and juicebox.

Who knows. Maybe he’s doing it to take some heat off of Judith Miller.

Afterall, she makes him look competent and that has to stand for something.

(Added): Courtesy of Anonymous (if that’s their real name) the Tierney column is in the comments. Just click on the time stamp.

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