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If your bestest friend in the whole world is the worlds bestest brush clearer…how does this happen?:

The year Harriet Miers began work as a senior presidential aide in the White House, the city of Dallas slapped three liens in three months on a property she controls in a low-income minority Dallas neighborhood, records show.

The city placed the liens in 2001 to force her to reimburse it for clearing the vacant lot of tall grass, weeds and debris after Miers failed to have the work done herself, as required by city law, and after she did not respond to city notices to maintain the property.

It was not the first time the city had to take action. Records show that since Miers assumed power of attorney for her ailing mother in 1995, the city has issued seven other liens on vacant lots that Miers controls in the same neighborhood around Tipton Park.

All 10 liens, totaling less than $2,000, have been paid, a city spokesman said.

But the failure of Miers, a former Dallas City Council member, to comply with city law, and her slow response in reimbursing the city, run counter to her image as a meticulous, detail-oriented attorney who is always well prepared.


Lewis Simpson, 64, who lives nearby, said he could not recall anyone cutting the grass before this year. Now, he said, “a guy comes out about every two weeks with a tractor. He started coming out about six months ago.”

Lifelong west Dallas resident and former community activist Luis Sepulveda, now a justice of the peace, said he was surprised to hear that Miers had not taken care of her properties.

“I’m forced to do that. So is she,” he said. “If it’s not done, shame on her.”

So it looks like they also started cleaning her up about six months ago in anticipation of…?

Why does this remind me of Miers work in cleaning up Bush’s military records before he ran for President?

Indeed, there is corroborating evidence that Bush campaign operatives have devoted considerable effort to “scrubbing” public records to conceal other evidence of Bush’s wrongdoing. For example, Bush got a new driver’s license after he was elected Governor, which appears to be completely unprecedented. This prevented reporters from discovering Bush’s DUI arrest in Maine in 1976.

This new license may also be concealing a prior DUI or drug arrest in 1972 or 1973, when Bush went to work with an inner-city community service group in Houston called Project PULL. There has been considerable speculation that Bush performed this work as a form of alternative sentencing for a DUI or drug arrest, but reporters have been stymied by the fact that Bush’s 1995 driver’s license contains no prior information.

Moreover, Newsweek reported on July 9, 2000 that the Bush campaign “launched a secretive research operation designed to scour all records relating to his Vietnam-era service” during preparation for Bush’s 1998 re-election campaign. They paid “hard-nosed Dallas lawyer named Harriet Miers” $19,000 to review the records. According to Newsweek, one result of her work was to deflect charges that former Texas House Speaker Ben Barnes helped Bush get into the Texas Air National Guard despite low qualifications and a long waiting list. Barnes was later forced to testify under oath that he helped Bush.

The same Newsweek article also discusses the absence of evidence that Bush fulfilled his orders to report for duty in Alabama in the fall of 1972. According to the article, “Dan Bartlett conceded that the records ‘were either lost or misplaced… we are not sure.'” If Burkett’s charges are true, Bartlett may have had a hand in losing or misplacing these records.

Thanks for the tip Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel.

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