Behold the wrath of the Darklords of the Mystical Kern

I am DarkLord Hindrocket: Scourge of the MSM and
Half-Full Mall Parking Lots. Behold my baleful stare…
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Seduced by Islam’s siren call, the Wall Street Journal has joined the FBI and the State of Oklahoma in helping to subvert truth and Our Christian Way of Life thus incurring thunderous words from the Gods of Mount Hubris:

This article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal sets out to debunk speculation about whether Joel Hinrichs, the University of Oklahoma student who blew himself up outside the Oklahoma football stadium, may have intended a terrorist attack. It fails. The Journal cites a number of blogs, including us, who have talked about the OU incident. (We discussed it here, here, and here.) The reporters interviewed several bloggers for their story, but didn’t make any attempt to contact us.

Impudent fools. Do they not know that the Darklords conduct midnight masses beneath a bloodmoon where they drink Howell Raines blood from a goblet made from Dan Rather’s skull while copulating with virgins from the Women’s Pro Volleyball circuit?

These are dark days. Dark days indeed….

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