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Rove to resign if indicted?

If what Time Magazine‘s saying is true, it would be an occasion for all of us to do the happy dance, just a little one, anyway.

Of course it’s Rove’s idea; we all know the man would fall on the sword for the Chimperor. Now we just have to hope there’s an actual indictment. If the White House is floating this story for Time, they may be feeling cocky that there won’t be one.

Karl Rove has a plan, as always. Even before testifying last week for the fourth time before a grand jury probing the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity, Bush senior adviser Rove and others at the White House had concluded that if indicted he would immediately resign or possibly go on unpaid leave, several legal and Administration sources familiar with the thinking told TIME. Resignation is the much more likely scenario, they say. The same would apply to I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, the Vice President’s chief of staff, who also faces a possible indictment. A former White House official says Rove’s break with Bush would have to be clean–no “giving advice from the sidelines”–for the sake of the Administration.

Severing his ties would allow Rove–who as deputy chief of staff runs a vast swath of the West Wing–to fight aggressively “any bull___ charges,” says a source close to Rove, like allegations that he was part of a broad conspiracy to discredit Plame’s husband Joseph Wilson.

Oh, yeah. Bullsh*t charges. Man, he’s knee-deep in pig manure; in fact, the Turdblossom specializes in rolling in it.

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