What George Will hath wrought…

Michael Novak takes a perfectly good football game and paints it up like a $5 whore:

It was a sundown finish under the lights that neither they nor anyone who saw it will ever forget.

Notre Dame lost. But the young men fought with such courage, strength, wit, and determination– and, yes, with so much coaching intelligence and will-to-win –that they almost did the impossible. It was a superhuman effort, and they came within a minute of having superhuman results. I don’t think I have ever felt prouder of a Notre Dame team. I don’t quite share the pain of losing that the guys on the team no doubt feel. It honors them to feel that.

No one hates to lose, at anything, more than I do. And a loss is not a win. Yet there really is such a thing as doing nobly, even when the sweet wind of winning does not blow in your sails. This year’s young men made all of us very proud, and made us love Notre Dame as much as we ever have, and long, long will. They are among the most worthy teams of all that noble history.

God go with them, every one!

You know, if you were in, say, a Hooters and someone said that out loud, they’d probably take you outside into the alley and take turns kicking your ass.

The waitresses included…

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