As usual, God failed to show…again.

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Needless to say, I’m pretty fucking pissed emotionally distraught that I didn’t get to GodBlog205 where, according to Hugh Hewitt, I would have had the chance to meet some bloggers who are :

All reasons to be very optimistic about the future of the blogosphere. All of these are run by bloggers not older than 30 –each of whom is college or graduate student of some sort– and more and more young people of talent and tact, purpose and promise are filling up the blogosphere with great content and a lasting commitment to the form.

We particularly enjoyed Righthouse whose schtick seems to be shoot first, do a simple google search second:

Stories about Bush staging a PR event yesterday are an embarrassment to the major media networks proponing(sic) it.

Interviews with soldiers after the PR event clearly showed that, in fact, they were not told what questions to ask the President – the questions were wrought by soldiers conferring with each other.

“But you can’t trust what the soldiers say about the questions, they’ve been brainwashed!”

Then let me remind you of an event 9 months ago. The media was after Ashcroft: he had to go, he was the devil – do your remember that firestorm? Then came the press conference that “burned” Ashcroft – that conference where a member of the media fed a question to a soldier in Iraq. It was a bogus question about vehicles being armored with severely damaged armor because there was no new armor to be had (supposedly). Forget the fact that the soldiers division was completely armored with new armored vehicles within the next month. The media had no real qualms with the fact that they were feeding questions to soldiers based on bogus information.

Leave aside the fact that is was Donald Rumsfeld who was questioned (although, to be fair, he can be a little devil too), let’s go to the tape:

Saying U.S. soldiers in Iraq “deserve the best,” President Bush emphasized Thursday that the administration was addressing equipment concerns like the one about armored vehicles raised by a soldier who questioned Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

“The concerns expressed are being addressed, and that is we expect our troops to have the best possible equipment,” the president said in response to a reporter’s question at the White House.

“If I were a soldier overseas wanting to defend my country, I’d want to ask the secretary of defense the same question, and that is, ‘Are we getting the best we can get us?’”


In a related development, it was revealed Thursday that a reporter claims to have helped the soldier prepare the question directed at Rumsfeld. The Poynter Institute, a news media think tank in St. Petersburg, Fla., published on its Web site an e-mail attributed to reporter Edward Lee Pitts of the Chattanooga (Tenn.) Times Free Press, which states that Pitts worked with the soldier because he was not allowed to question Rumsfeld himself.

“Before hand we worked on questions to ask Rumsfeld about the appalling lack of armor their vehicles going into combat have,” said the e-mail, which was sent to newspaper colleagues.

“I have been trying to get this story out for weeks — as soon as I found out I would be on an unarmored truck,” the e-mail said.

The Defense Department issued a written statement Thursday night saying it was “unfortunate” if a member of the press “pressured” Army Spc. Thomas Wilson to ask the question.

“The Secretary provides ample opportunity for interaction with the press,” the statement said. “It is better that others not infringe on the troops’ opportunity to interact with superiors in the chain of command.”

As for that “bogus information”:

The Pentagon held a briefing to say the soldiers’ concerns were being addressed. It emphasized that the military is putting armor on Humvees as fast as possible and that it is military policy not to have soldiers drive into Iraq in vehicles lacking armor.

The problem the Guard soldier pointed out has more to do with other vehicles that the Army operates, such as cargo trucks, to which armor is being added in less formal ways. Of the 30,000 wheeled military vehicles the military has in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the region, about 8,000 lack armor, Army Lt. Gen. Steven Whitcomb said.

Congressional Democrats kept up their fire. “I think the secretary’s comments [in Kuwait] were more dismissive than thoughtful and reasonable,” said Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), a member of the Armed Services Committee.

Pentagon officials are working to address the problem. The Pentagon is preparing the largest supplemental budget request ever — close to $100 billion — to pay for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and for gear to replace equipment worn out in the fighting. That request would come on top of other, smaller supplemental appropriation bills.

Still, some commanders in Iraq say Wilson is correct in that the Pentagon was broadly unprepared for the war it is fighting. One officer compared the Army to a sprinter trying to run a marathon — designed to prevail in short, sharp, high-tech wars but fighting a counterinsurgency campaign against a poorly understood enemy.

On the plus side, Dustin of RightHouse…well, there isn’t a plus side, really unless you’re the type to look wistfully back on the good old days of segregation:

As Christians, it is prudent for us to recognize the importance of the Supreme Court vacancies, especially that of the Chief Justice, on the political and social levels. For the last 100 years, the Supreme Court has shaped the social policy of this nation. Everything from segregation to abortion to gay rights have managed to usurp the democratic system and find their way through the courts of America.

Now more than ever, if we as Christians or even citizens of a democracy favor the political system as established by our founding fathers, if we favor a democracy/republic, then we need to support those judicial nominees who understand that the Constitution was not written in pencil so as to be continually re-written to support whatever popular trend seems to be dancing on the tongues of the political talking heads at the time.

I miss the good old days when knocked-up lesbian negroes knew their place.

Yes, Hugh. He’s a bright one, alright…

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