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Spring/Summer fashion from Lisbon – and open thread

I thought you might want to see what’s coming. This is an actual Reuters photo from a Dino Alves show.

While that won’t end up in my closet, I’ve seen some horrible fashion trends come and go that actually made it to the general population. I can personally attest to wearing gauchos back around 1978, Wrong, wrong, wrong. also remember some really bad paisley shirts that were thankfully not committed to film.

Some of the items I wore back in the day have come back into style, like platform shoes, which I wouldn’t be caught dead in now. I never thought bell bottoms and hip huggers would be back, but they are in slightly different form.

Guys, your stuff doesn’t date as badly, though I don’t get the whole vacillation between the wide and skinny tie thing. Unfortunately the seventies were not kind to men either. I recall a lot of paisley, plaids, and the dreaded Nehru jackets and “leisure suits”. For those too young to remember the latter, the major selling point, which made them popular in Middle America and the South, anyway, is that they were wash and wear, 100% polyester guaranteed never to wrinkle, and designed to cook you if it was hot out.That really worked out great down here when it was 95 degrees out, and you slid into your 70s car with vinyl seats…

70s – Mens dark green with yellow and whit topstitching pearlized snap front with open square pockets long sleeve polyester jacket with Sears Best red green even plaid polyester pants. (


Also, why do parents perpetrate bad fashion on their kids? Why, for instance did my brother and I end up in these outfits (this is around 1972)? Right now I am cringing just thinking about the 100% polyester I have on there…

Confess to supremely bad fashion that’s still in your closet or in your past.

Also, feel free to go OT and blogwhore…

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