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Little Ricky's getting Freeped over Miers

“When they nominated John Roberts, I was, ‘Sounds great.’ I think we deserve to know more, we deserve to have someone … who has a record – not a better record, just someone who has a record.”

— Little Ricky

Poor little Ricky Santorum. The Chimp has let the true believer down. He’s worried about Harriet and his re-election. How does he explain this buffoonery to his Pennsyltucky constituents?

Americans “deserve better” than President Bush’s “trust me” approach to the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers, Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., said Friday, making his sharpest critique yet amid a right-wing revolt over the pick.

Santorum added, however, that he had not decided to oppose Miers and hoped to learn more about her views during confirmation hearings. “There is a lot of heat. I think there is a lot of disappointment that the president didn’t put someone up there with a record we could examine,” Santorum said on a local radio show.

“It is what I term the president’s second faith-based initiative, which is `trust me,'” Santorum said. “I think, candidly, we deserve better than that.”

The Freepi were not going to let him get away with that…

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“The bottom is really starting to fall out on this Miers nomination. Last one out, turn off the lights.”

It is what I term the president’s second faith-based initiative, which is `trust me,'” Santorum said. “I think, candidly, we deserve better than that.”

“Correct. Too bad you supported the RINO in ’04 and are now going to lose your seat because of it.”

“Because I have Faith in the President and that brings me to Trust his choice of Harriet Miers. And that could be why some conservatives, consciously or unconsciously oppose her. Is be because she is a convert? I think if Harriet Miers is confirmed, she will be the only evangelical on the U.S. Supreme Court.”

“You are absolutely right. Also, Harriet Miers, when confirmed, will have more power as a swing SCOTUS judge for the conservatives than Santorum. That is what is eating at him so bad he is having a melt down. I love it!!!!”

“If I lived in PA I would be fighting for his defeat. Unless he wants to sign on to a new conservative motto, something like…No RINO’s Never Again, for any reason.”

“If Santorum loses in 2006 it will be because the Philly papers have succesfully whipped up the black vote in Philly and that the democrat fraud machine is working as well as in 2004”

“Gosh, and I though that Santorum knew what it felt like to campaign for someone, then have him basically stab him in the back…. I guess not.”

“Santorum pissed his seat away and now he is trying to drag others down with him. I wish Santorum the best. But, he is in for a tough fight and needs all the friends he can find, yet he burns bridges.”

“Sans-scr*tum is about as republican as michelle mooron”

“Nice pair Rick…try to be that way consistently please.”

“Defeat Santorum so Bob Casey gets elected? Sorry, I’m going to vote for Santorum. If Specter croaks, Ed Rendell will replace him with a Democrat, probably from Philadelphia. Rendell is very unpopular in Western PA. If Santorum distances himself from Bush on immigration and out of control spending, he might have a chance to win. I don’t want two ‘Rats representing PA in the Senate so I’m voting Santorum.”

“Ya gotta liten up thar a little. At least wait until the fat lady sings. Woops….forgot…you’re judge, jury and executioner. Geeeeesh!!!”

“Labelling Santorum a ‘Top’ GOP senator is a title open to debate…”

“This man is irking my last nerve.”

“Ronald Reagan would be proud of Miers. I bet he’s looking down right now and saying to Santorum,….well….there you go again.”

“America is not a Theocracy! Whether the President nominates an Evangelical, a Catholic, or a Jew is neither here no there so long as the nominee is a strict Constitutionalist. Playing up Miers’ religion is not only hypocritical when the RNC chided the Dems for mentioning Roberts’ Catholicism, but it also sounds like there’s nothing else in her resume. /broken record mode”

“Damn! This is being blamed on black people 13 months before it even happens! Can you believe this?”

“That’s my fear too, that Miers will be another “swing vote” instead of a solid conservative vote. Hopefully she won’t be confirmed so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Seems to me it would be difficult to resist W.H. pressure given what we know of their tactics currently, even to the extent of sending people to N.H. to intimidate possible ’08 conservative challengers. Something they never do to the RINO’s or Libs. If Santorum is responsible in some manner for ending this, he is deserving of returned “conservative” support. But, right now, I still fall under the line of thought these people are making noises of discontent to placate the base and will vote for her anyway. We’ll see.”

“Santorum knows that if he backs Miers and she ends up being another O’Connor or Souter, he will be looking for a new occupation by 2007. What Senator in his right mind would want to tie his or her political future to Miers?”

“If Santorum distances himself from Bush on immigration and out of control spending, he might have a chance to win. “

“It’s too late….Santorum has already become a GOP country-clubber and will have to answer to PA conservatives.”

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