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Let Me Explain It To You Slowly

spicoli04_jpeg.jpgMatt Yglasias is right. If the new line of defense on Traitorgate is, as Bill Kristol’s piece in the Weekly Standard implies, that worse leaks than this happen all the time in DC, it’s a really perverse argument:

From where I sit, if Bill Kristol has a credible allegation of criminal conduct on the part of Richard Armitage or George Tenet to make, I’d be happy to hear it. Not "happy" as in "call Kristol’s bluff happy," but "happy" as in "we can throw as many Bush administration officials in jail as he likes" happy.

On the other hand, Roger Simon is on ‘ludes:

I don’t know Judy Miller, but I doubt any journalist would spend 85 days in jail for money, even a lot of money.

Methinks Roger is a tad out of touch with the economic realities of everyday Americans. Everyone who wouldn’t do 85 days in the can for $1.2 million dollars raise your hand.

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Jane Hamsher

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