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Family Research Coalition's Tony Perkins blows a gasket

He’s mad that Grover Norquist, of Americans for Tax Reform, accepted an invitation to speak at a Texas Log Cabin Republican gathering. Eva at Lloydletta, passed on the item from the FRC newsletter.

Tony seems to be really wound too tight and a bit panicked about the right wing’s state of distress. I think he needs a little man-love. Maybe he can get it from his good friend David Duke.

Texas leaders of the Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual organization within the G.O.P., are headlining Grover Norquist as their main speaker at a fund-raiser tomorrow night. Norquist is the well-respected leader of Americans for Tax Reform, a group I was once part of as a Louisiana legislator. FRC has worked with Grover Norquist on tax issues and their impact on the family for many years. Because of our relationship we have voiced our concern directly with Mr. Norquist over his apparent support of this anti-family group. We pointed out to Mr. Norquist that some of the funds raised would be plowed into Log Cabin’s fight against the pro-marriage amendment on the ballot next month in Texas.

Grover has spent years working to assemble a coalition of fiscal and social conservatives and his decision to aid those who are trying to destroy the institution of marriage is truly a disappointment and will no doubt split this important coalition. As social conservatives we remain committed to the country’s fiscal and social well- being; we have tolerance neither for increasing taxes nor marginalizing marriage. If only that commitment ware mutual.


In other news, it looks like the whole American Family Association vs. American Girls/Girls, Inc. wingnuttery is finally blowing up in the news. You all got to read about it here on the Blend back on Wednesday

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