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Rove Arrives in Court

According to the AP, King Rat has arrived in court for his fourth try at the Grand Jury today. No guarantee that he won’t be indicted. No guarantee that things will go well. Pretty much, no guarantee that his butt won’t be in front of a Federal Magistrate as early as this afternoon. (Hey, a girl can dream…)

News and rumors flying fast today. Will update as we get anything remotely solid. In the meantime, speculate away. My contribution, wonder how many times Fitz will hammer him on his “poor memory?”

PS — Wonder if he’s regretting the “I’m a Source, not a Target” button photo now? Mwee hee.

UPDATE: Reuters has their take and review of facts up as well. It’s a good summary. My favorite line: “Fitzgerald could send out “target” letters to senior administration officials at any time, and bring indictments as early as next week, the lawyers said.”

UPDATE #2: And he’s out. According to the latest Reuters wire report, Rove left the courthouse today at 1:15 pm ET. He had no comment. More to follow if we get any details.

UPDATE#3: Can I just say that I luv Dan Froomkin? Today’s column in the WaPo is fantastic, and a fun read. Thought it would be a nice news summary for those of us waiting on news in the Traitorgate universe. Just sharing one of my favorite reads of the day.

UPDATE #4: Bloomberg has an update up as well. They actually got a quote out of our boy Fitz as he was leaving the courthouse. “I’m going back to my office.” Gotta love that guy.

My favorite snippet — because reporters are clearly desperate for some news on this today — is that some protesters were standing outside the courthouse, some dressed as giant condoms according to the Bloomberg report, chanting “Some things should never leak.” and calling for Rove to be fired. Yep, it’s officially Friday now. [And Atrios has a pix — man, I love the blogosphere. Instant…erm…gratification. Ahem.]

UPDATE#5: From Bob Franken on CNN, Luskin (Rove’s Attorney) has issued a statement that Rove has finished his testimony and that Fitzgerald has indicted that he no longer needs Rove’s “co-operation” in this matter. And that Fitz has not given any indication of indictment. Um, yeah, your client just finished his testmony. Give Fitz’s secretary time to do a little typing, would ya? Sheesh! No assurances that an indictment will not be forthcoming, so essentially good try at spin, but no news other than Rove won’t likely have a fifth trip to testify on the record. (And Reuters has the Luskin statement up as a news brief.)

UPDATE #6: CNN has its story up on the Rove testimony today. My favorite bit was McClellan being asked today if Rove still has the President’s confidence, and his response being that “Karl continues to do his duties.” Ouch.

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