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Online cruising, Jim West style

Ryan M. Oelrich (L), and West

“He also asked me to accompany him to a (Gonzaga) Bulldogs game in California but told me there would only be one bed in the hotel room, and I would have to share it with him. He told me he’d pay for the expenses. I declined.”

— Ryan Oelrich, one of West’s pursuits, who also received a job from the Spokane Mayor

I really don’t want to visualize this, but the online chats of Spokane Mayor, the gay self-loather, Republican James West, have been released by court order. This humiliated, disgraced homo-bigot hypocrite won’t step down, even now, when the dumb*ss’s chats are out there for all to see. And so Blenders, you get to witness a yet tortured closet case exposed, this time e-cruising on the taxpayers’ dime.

Ryan Oelrich, 24, was appointed to the Spokane Human Rights Commission by West, and later complained the mayor harassed him for sex.

In a detailed timeline released Thursday to the newspaper, Oelrich said he was first contacted by RightBi-Guy in August or September of 2003 on and later by Cobra82nd, who said he’d changed screen names. Both were computer names used by West. Oelrich was a Gonzaga University student at the time.

After learning he was corresponding with West, Oelrich said the mayor promised to help him find a job, offered him a City Hall internship, and continued to pressure him for sex.

…West dropped by Oelrich’s home, offered him $300 cash to swim naked with him and continued to press him for dates, Oelrich said

Oelrich used the online names “GonzagaRy” and “HappyCollegeGuy” in the conversations.

During Memorial Day weekend in 2004, Cobra82nd said he’d been working on his house.

"Now I'm looking for some cuddle bunny to nuggle with. You game?" Cobra82nd asked.

"You will never score with me," HappyCollegeGuy replied.

Later in the same conversation, Cobra82nd said he was getting a new Lexus convertible.

Cobra82nd: "You think? Maybe I'll have to give you a ride? Maybe give you a lil more."

Cobra82nd said he was buying the car because of a "midlife crisis."

"Is it over?" asked HappyCollegeGuy.

"No, just starting.haha.need a sports car and a new mistress you interested in being the latter?"

HappyCollegeGuy: "hmm, no. but best of luck anyway."

Oooh, strike out.

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