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More on the new Bond pick

Brits don’t like him so far. Poll.

I thought I was finished with this story, but then I came across a couple of British papers, and Daniel Craig’s getting slammed. One article, in the Daily Mirror, thinks he’s a dullard.

Hours after officially landing the role as the super-smooth international spy, nervy Daniel Craig seemed more bland than Bond. Chomping on a piece of chewie, he gave a series of boring, monosyllabic answers about his major new role. This is how deadly dull Dan – the Man with the Golden Gum – failed on his first mission as 007…

Q: How do you feel about getting the job?
A: I can’t tell you really. I’m speechless.

Q: Why do you want to play Bond?
A: Why not?

Q: Who’s your ideal Bond girl?
A: I’ve got my ideal Bond girl.

Q: Why are you the ideal 21st century Bond?
A: I can’t answer that. I don’t know.

Q: What are the reasons for Bond’s enduring popularity?
A: I don’t know the answer to that.

Q: Are you looking forward to becoming a legend?
A: I don’t know about that.

Q: What will you bring to the character?
A: I would love to give you a long convoluted answer but I don’t have one.

Daniel’s debut was in stark contrast to Pierce Brosnan’s assured performance when he was unveiled as 007 in 1994. Brosnan confidently outlined his vision of a modern Bond – “flinty with a little more humour”.

He added: “We want to peel back some layers of his character and see what demons may lie there.” Sadly Daniel was a lot less forthcoming yesterday.

Ouch. The second story is a bit more interesting. This is London has the back story on “How Craig beat his rivals.” It looks like the really cool Hugh Jackman’s chances were hurt by playing Peter Allen, lol…

British actor Daniel Craig was confirmed as the sixth 007. He will be the first blond Bond – and, at 6ft, the shortest.

But according to a leaked memo from film producers, Craig was head and shoulders above his rivals for the part. Hugh Jackman, it read, was “too fey”, Colin Farrell “too sleazy”, Eric Bana “not handsome enough” – and Ewan McGregor “too short” at 5ft10.

Despite not having the “full head of black hair” described by Ian Fleming, the Chester-born actor is probably closest in build and character to the author’s vision. In From Russia With Love, Bond’s file reads: “Height, 183cm (6ft); weight 76kg; slim build; eyes, blue… vices, drink, but not to excess, and women.”

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