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Log Cabin head urges conservative gays to come out

For all the self-loathing Republican hypocrites out there, Patrick Guerriero, of the Log Cabin Republicans is issuing a challenge to you today in an editorial — come out of the damn closet.

Our approaches have differed greatly — Guerriero clearly is against forced outing of even the most offensive hypocrites, but even he realizes that the days of helping a bigoted boss to pass legislation detrimental to gays and lesbians (think Santorum‘s self-hating gay and black PR man — there’s a real double-dipper of a head case — Robert Traynham).

Now is the time for closeted gay conservatives to find the courage and personal strength to stand up and be counted. Now is the time we can really make a difference. If every gay conservative came out of the closet today, the journey to full equality would be over in years instead of decades.

It would soon become ineffective to use gay and lesbian families as wedge issues in campaigns. The cynical efforts to amend our federal and state constitutions would be stopped. The hypocrisy of anti-gay political tactics being used by way too many Republicans and some Democrats would be finally exposed.

One of the biggest unkept secrets in Washington, D.C., is that closeted gay Republicans are everywhere: the White House, Republican Party organizations, the halls of Congress, the most influential law offices, and the most powerful lobbying firms in our nation’s capital.

Some of those who remain closeted have chosen to be either passive bystanders or, in some cases, active critics of our movement while comfortably partaking in the fringe benefits of our community work, sipping the finest martinis in our trendiest gay bars.

Who do you think he might be referring to…?

While as progressives we can differ with theoretical fully out gay Republican legislators on many political positions, It’s pretty clear that we could unite on basic gay civil rights issues. But what’s common among the closeted Republican homo-hypocrites is that their padlocked closets are impeding their ability to think clearly. They are are living a lie, and often they are products of their environment — socially conservative families and neighborhoods, that make the personal aspect, let alone the political aspect of coming out too psychologically difficult to deal with. Look at Ed Schrock.

In my opinion, closeted gay legislators like Schrock that consistently work against the cause of gay civil rights have no business being in public office. They are simply unbalanced and not able to carry the weight of the closet, a weight I can guarantee you is more of a burden, as a human being, than coming out and dealing with the fallout. I don’t know anyone that has come out that would prefer to be back in the closet.

During these historic times, the closet is not only a place that suffocates personal dignity, but that suffocates personal integrity that has the potential to change hearts and minds of even the most conservative Americans.

Coming out doesn’t have to mean putting a sticker on your car, flying a rainbow flag from your front porch or marching in a parade.

It may be as simple as putting a picture of your partner on your desk at work, sharing your personal story with your boss, or speaking up when someone says something anti-gay. It may be as difficult as offering a letter of resignation instead of implementing or assisting with an anti-gay campaign strategy.

…Only with the help of gay conservatives can we prevent anti-gay conservatives from hijacking the Republican Party. Only with the help of gay conservatives can we defeat the voices of fear and intolerance. The history books will note not only those who had the courage to stand up, but, sadly, those who remain silent. The time is now.

Time after time, you’ve seen on this blog that it is the publicly pious legislators who are privately deviant fools unable to reconcile who they are with their ethics, morals or basic priniciples. These people need to just come the f*ck out and get it over with, get a shrink, heal themselves, and not cast a vote on the floor to restrict my rights because they are a mental case about their orientation.

Hat tip, PageOneQ.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding