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Lou Sheldon and Tim Wildmon get their grooves on

Media Matters‘ David Grossman sent me two gems that are up today. You Blenders will love these — it’s right in that “you can’t make this sh*t up” category of wingnuttery.

Homo-infatuated AmTaliban big shots Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association (AFA), and Rev. Lou Sheldon, chairman and founder of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), teamed up on a radio show for a real love-in on homosexuality. Lou, in this case, seems to be a big advocate of exorcism as “reparative therapy,” and clearly doesn’t have a clue about what gender identity disorder is. From the October 11 broadcast of American Family Radio’s Today’s Issues:

WILDMON: And let me just say one other thing, and we’ll go on to our next caller. And I’m not a psychologist, or a psychiatrist, or a social scientist, or anything like that. But I have heard from people who know and understand these things that two of the most difficult sins or bondage to break out of are alcoholism and homosexuality.

Sheldon graphic:Mike Tidmus

SHELDON: Oh definitely, because the groove is built, and I’ve talked to many psychotherapists who are Christian, and they say once you enter into that lifestyle — Now, you may have gender identity conflict — that’s the medical-scientific name for homosexuality –where you’re attracted to the same-sex person, but once you enter into the culture, into the music, into the gay bars, into the gay literature, into the gay theater, and all of that kind of — and gay travel — once you immerse yourself into that, you have really put yourself into a groove that only a sort of an exorcism can release you from.


Do you think Tim and Don really want to get their groove on, or should I just put them down for a RealDoll stud dressed as a priest edition?


Bonus points for Tim: we get a two-for-one special, a double-dip of insanity. He agrees with a caller that is concerned about the possible preponderance of homos on HGTV — and Animal Planet. I hate to inform Tim, but there is no need for evidence-gathering on that matter, at least HGTV or any of the home-related channels. There is faggotry and dykery at every level on almost every program. It’s called Home and Garden Television for god’s sake! Designers and carpentry!

Perhaps the caller was not sure whether Christopher Lowell is queer.

From the October 11 broadcast of American Family Radio’s Today’s Issues:

CALLER: I just wanted to make a comment that you really, really, really have to watch what you are watching on TV. I have come upon evidence of homosexuality and lesbian people on programs like HGTV and Animal Planet, where you really don’t expect this to be an issue.

WILDMON: Right. You’re very perceptive, [caller], because that does happen, even in the most innocent of places. You have to watch out for children’s programs today as well because they’ll slip it in there as well.

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