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Sports books don’t mess around. They put the capital in capitalism and when it comes to making a profit they make big pharma look like a lemonade stand. So when you read this:

With Karl Rove’s future as White House Deputy Chief of Staff in serious doubt, Sportsbook.com is the only online sportsbook to offer updated odds on the long-running scandal that continues to plague the Bush Administration. Current odds are 1-2 that Rove will have to leave the White House in the wake of an ongoing criminal investigation, and 3-2 that he will not.


The significant shift from the opening odds of 1-6 that Rove would not be dismissed or resign is a reflection of the grand jury’s increased focus on Rove and of the growing consensus that he will not emerge unscathed. Recent testimony from jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller may have given the grand jury reason to doubt previous statements made by Rove regarding the leak.

…you gotta believe that the guy with the single-edged razor is lurking in the hall outside Karl’s office waiting to scrape the name off of the door.

1-2 odds? At the racetrack I wouldn’t even bother.

Sidenote: Back when I was younger I used to play in a Thursday night poker game with a bunch of guys that I worked with in construction. One evening, in a simple game of 5 card draw, I was dealt a royal flush.

The odds?

The odds of being dealt a royal flush on your opening poker hand are 649,739 to one.

My take?

$12.75 in a game where pots everaged between $25-40 and sometimes went over $100 (construction workers in their twenties being fast loose with their money). Since I was unable to draw cards everyone assumed that I probably had a flush and all but the brave or foolish promptly folded.

Since that time my definition of a “mixed blessing” is being dealt a royal flush.

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