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Gay news bites

* LCR’s Patrick Guerriero gets a chocolate pie in the face. Some dolt threw a pie at the Log Cabin Republican president when he was here yesterday at UNC, and mostly missed. At least he had a sense of humor: “I faked to the left and moved to the right, which is probably something I do in politics sometimes.” I may think the LCR is misguided in its positions a lot of the time, but please, save the pies for more worthy targets.

* Gay ‘Arson Victim’ Charged With Setting Fire: it’s now confirmed that the Florida couple that was burned out of their home was an arson perpetrated by one of them. Christopher Michael Robertson confessed to starting the fire and has been charged with arson, making fraudulent insurance claims and filing false reports to law enforcement.

This is just awful, sick news, because so many GLBT citizens are victims of homophobic attacks. An incident like this, along with cases of women that report falsely that they have been raped, make it easy for unsympathetic people to dismiss the real cases. Which leads me to…

* It’s the seventh anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepard. He was abducted pistol-whipped, robbed and tied to a fence outside Laramie, WY, left to die. While the use of the gay panic defense landed Aaron McKinney’s ass in prison it looks like lawyers are still floating that ludicrous crap in cases. Witness…

* Man Gets Four Years in Prison for Transgender Slaying.”Estanislao Martinez didn’t deny that he repeatedly stabbed Joel Robles with a pair of scissors, but his lawyer told the judge he had a good excuse — he killed the victim in what he called a ‘gay panic’.” He stabbed the man 20 times and is only going to serve four years.

* A gay priest speaks on impending Vatican document. This is a great interview with an “anonymous gay priest” in the National Catholic Reporter. A snippet:

If an openly gay man, committed to living celibately, were to come to you today seeking your counsel on joining the priesthood, what would you tell him?
I’d say wait until this document comes out. I know a couple of guys who have entered seminary this year. One of them is just beside himself. And I know a few people who are in seminary who are not too far from ordination who are just absolutely devastated. They don’t know what to do. They spent years thinking about their vocation and thinking about the priesthood and thinking about entering seminary.

And interestingly, even if the document doesn’t come out, there is going to be this tension — this threat that the document might come out. Certainly the Vatican is not going to say, “We welcome gay men with open arms.” And they’re probably not going to say, “We’re not going to issue a document like this.”

If a document comes out barring homosexuals from entering the priesthood you are going to have gay men who feel that they can live celibately and who feel called to the priesthood turning away from it. You will have a severe reduction in vocations. And you are going to have gay seminarians who are celibate and gay and who are going to be faced with this horrible choice: Either leave the seminary and turn away from your call or lie about your sexuality so you can get ordained. Frankly, lying as a way of approaching sacramental orders is just incredible. And you want to talk about a healthy way to live celibately? I guarantee you, the worst preparation for it is not talking about it.

And then you will have gay priests who will be demoralized even further. Some of them will leave — I know a surprising number of people who have told me in the past couple of weeks that they would answer any move by the Vatican to discourage or bar homosexuals from the priesthood by turning away from the priesthood.

To be a gay man in an organization that says we should have no gay men is just too much for some people.

News of this proposed document has placed an enormous amount of stress on me personally. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know what kinds of plans I should be making. It’s very difficult to do the work of a priest and to celebrate Mass and baptisms and hear confessions and have this sword hanging over your head. It’s tremendously stressful.

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