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Did Dr. Evil Take Out a Hit?

From Raw Story:

Two officials close to Fitzgerald told RAW STORY they have seen documents obtained from the White House Iraq Group which state that Cheney was present at several of the group’s meetings. They say Cheney personally discussed with individuals in attendance at least two interviews in May and June of 2003 Wilson gave to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus, in which he claimed the administration “twisted” prewar intelligence and what the response from the administration should be.

Sources close to the investigation have also confirmed that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is trying to determine Vice President Cheney’s role in the outing of Mrs. Wilson, more specifically, if Cheney ordered the leak.

You have to wonder where this came from — Fitzgerald’s investigation has been as tight as a tomb, with no leaks coming from anywhere. If this isn’t bullshit, I’m betting PF will spend tomorrow one hopping mad Irishman.

Reddhedd will have more on WHIG tomorrow, after her daily dose of The Wiggles. I’ll be on the radio in Arizona. And Patrick Fitzgerald may be putting a fist through a wall somewhere.

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