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Homo-bigot church protesting Coming Out Day at UNC

Patrick Wooden. Holy bigot.

I received an email from Blender Heather at UNC who received word from the school’s LGBT listserv that a homophobic ministry plans to hold an anti-gay protest over National Coming Out week on the campus today. I was not surprised to hear that it is the Upper Room Church behind this nonsense.

Friends –

I am writing to you about an action planned for tomorrow, Tuesday, October 11 in response to an anti-LGBTQ demonstration that is being staged in the Pit at 7pm. The Upper Room Ministry is planning a “Christian Coming Out Day” in protest of the GLBT-SA’s Coming Out Week.

The event flyer they were handing out today in the Pit reads as follows –


“Calling all Christians – Christian Coming Out Day This is a call for ALL CHRISTIANS on this campus to take a stand against the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA at UNC. The WORD OF GOD, unmistakably declares that HOMOSEXUALITY is an ABOMINATION in the sight of God. We, the Upper Room Campus Ministry, in order to combat “Coming out Week” have declared TUESDAY 10/11/2005 “CHRISTIAN COMING OUT DAY.” [Isn’t that every day?] At 7PM we will be RALLYING in the PIT for PRAYER and a preached WORD. Please wear BLUE JEANS and a WHITE SHIRT. Join us as we take a STAND for CHRIST on this campus. “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination…” -Leviticus 20:13 NKJV”


We are currently mobilizing communities of faith as well as other groups and individuals who share alternative visions of justice and love to respond to this event. Our plan is to gather in front of Wilson Library in Polk Place at 6:45pm, and have a quick group discussion to make sure we are all on the same page and that we have a shared vision of what our presence should convey. At 7:10 we will walk over as a group to the Pit and stand there alongside Upper Ministry members. Some people may choose to bring signs with LGBTQ-affirming or other relevant messages. People may wish to hold hands to show solidarity as a group – LGBTQ and allied folks alike. We will stand in silence for twenty minutes. The goal is to keep the messages we deliver and our presence overall as positive as possible. We are NOT aiming to silence or disrupt their event but to offer an alternative vision to them and to the campus community of what God’s love, or a positive justice-oriented worldview in general, can and should like.

The pastor of the Upper Room Church of God In Christ, based in Raleigh, is Patrick L. Wooden, well-known here on the Blend for his over-the-top rhetoric.

He has been a hostile local force against gay people in the Triangle and has no problem railing on about gays in print:

“I cannot stand by and say nothing while this wicked phenomenon takes place.”

“We have to block the use of euphemisms when we talk about homosexuals,” he said. “They are not gay. We’ve got to use terms like ‘deviant’ and ‘abomination.’ “

“If we’re labeled as being fanatical Christians, we embrace it.”

“[Homosexuality is] ‘one of the greatest enemies of Christianity.'”

* Wooden proudly bought a full-page newspaper ad urging ‘all Christians to spend their hard-earned dollars with merchants who include the greeting ‘Merry Christmas’ in their holiday advertising promotions this Christmas’. The church spent $7,600. How many homeless could that have fed?

* Wooden said the NC needs another added level of protection that only a constitutional amendment can bring. “Let’s just put another lock on the door, just in case, just for safekeeping.”

* Wooden sent about 100 members of his flock from Raleigh in a chartered bus to chastise the supporters of a non-binding motion by the Chapel Hill Council against the state’s marriage amendment, as well as the current Defense of Marriage Act push back in March. [They were handily outnumbered.]

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