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No shirt, no shoes, no pants, no service

This Utah man landed in the clink for drive-thru nudity, with a cherry on top of witness tampering. At least he called the store in advance to announce he was stripping and dropping by. (Utah Standard-Examiner):

Last month the 51-year-old Sunset man allegedly entered a local convenience store in the buff on multiple occasions. Clearfield Police say in August he also made a trip through a restaurant drive-thru, au naturel.

City prosecutors have charged the man in justice court with misdemeanor lewdness. But now the Davis County District Attorney’s office is investigating allegations of witness tampering, which could result in third-degree felony charges.

Police say that over the past week, the man has telephoned the same convenience store, asking for permission to enter the business naked. He was attempting to talk clerks out of testifying against him, said Greg Krusi, assistant police chief for Clearfield.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding