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Establishment Dems trying to screw Paul Hackett over

I’m sorry, but this is the dumbest news I’ve heard in a looong time. Talk about Dems shooting themselves in the foot. Hackett has the cojones that these brain-dead Party apes have been missing for ages. (WVXU):

An advisor to Democratic candidate Paul Hackett says the Iraq war veteran is being pressured to drop out of Ohio’s US Senate Race. Mike Brautigam says after Congressman Sherrod Brown announced last week he would run for Mike Dewine’s seat, Hackett started getting phone calls pressuring him to get out. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Charles Schumer of New York to drop out of the race. Brautigam says Brown had told Hackett earlier he would not be a candidate and Hackett now feels betrayed by the Democratic party.


Brautigam says the Democratic leaders say it’s Brown’s turn to run. [What kind of top-down sh*t is this? ] He says Hackett is still making up his mind about what to do and expects to make a decision by October 24th, the day he had planned to officially enter the race. Hackett narrowly lost to Jean Schmidt in a special election to fill the seat left vacant when Rob Portman took a position in the Bush Administration.

Is it going to take a grassroots revolution for the Democratic Party to understand that upstart Paul Hackett skyrocketed from zero recognition to a near-victory with the support he received from the people (not the party) and the word of mouth in the blogosphere?

UPDATE from the blog Basie, Jonathan Singer reports: DSCC Denies Asking Hackett to Drop Out

Moments after noting that we had yet to receive comment on the late breaking story that DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer was trying to push Paul Hackett out of the Ohio Senate race, we received a call from DSCC Communications Director Phil Singer (no relation). Simply put, he said the previous report that Schumer had called Hackett to ask him to bow out “false” and “not true.”

We’ve now put in a call to the Hackett campaign for comment and will let you know when we hear a reply…

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