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An entertaining letter from someone named Bart:

Pammy, if you are a Catholic, then you are goin’ to fn’ Hell. Father Walter Cuenin has been replaced with a real man. No fags are allowed in our Church. If you are a liberal Catholic, if you believe in a, “Women’s Right to Choose”, then you are just a “Pretend” Catholic. Benedict does not allow women priests, queers, lesbos, etc. Abortion is pure evil. You can play “Church” all you want, Pamela, but in 100 years there will still be NO women priests. That’s what Jesus wants. Now take your place, be submissive, and go to Confession for defying your leader, his Holiness. Just because you can vote in the US doesn’t mean you have the same rights in the Church. I’ll be keeping my eye on your pathetic sissy blog.

A (Real) Catholic Woman

The spledidly gifted “fan” is referring to my post, “MA: Gay affirming priest replaced by Vatican stooge,” which covered the ouster of Father Walter Cuenin of Our Lady Help of Christians Church in Newton, MA for his pro-gay and progressive stances. He was replaced with Rev. Christopher J. Coyne, who served as archdiocese mouthpiece during the height of the clergy sexual abuse scandal.

My reply:

Sorry Bart. I’m an Episcopalian, home of the fag Bishop Gene Robinson.

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