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How did I miss Franklin Graham's unhinged Katrina comments?

“New Orleans has been known for years as a party town. It is a city that has strong ties to the gay and lesbian movement, and these types of things.”

— Franklin Graham, in an interview this week with the AP

“There’s been satanic worship. There’s been sexual perversion. God is going to use that storm to bring revival. God has a plan. God has a purpose.”

— Graham on New Orleans, at Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church’s Super Conference 2005 on Monday

When I clicked on the story, I thought these quotes were from around the time of Katrina, but no. A month and a separate hurricane later (a storm that hit the God-fearing Christian state of Texas, no less), Billy’s son just can’t go without intimating that something terribly, morally depraved was going on in New Orleans — and he’s not talking about the poverty, either — it’s those damned homos and voodoo practitioners. He’s framing these utterances as hope for a new, godly New Orleans — a “spiritual rebirth,” as it were. (CNN):

Graham, the son and designated successor of the Rev. Billy Graham, said he doesn’t believe the devastating storm was a punishment from God for what he sees as the city’s ties to satanic worship and sexual perversion.

“I’m not saying that God used this storm as a judgment,” Graham said. But he said the city’s Mardi Gras revelry and ties to voodoo were adverse to Christian beliefs…”The good news is that God loves sinners.”

…Graham said he has prayed with clergy in New Orleans for deliverance from “this dark spiritual cloud,” and he sees signs of promise as churches “black and white work hand in hand” to restore the city.

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