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House Blend product endorsement – Dyson Animal DC07

This is a new feature that I’ll run from time to time, a sort of Epinions on products that Kate and I like. No compensation is involved. I’m just passing on info based on actual use in real-world conditions.

This week, Kate and I endorse the Dyson Animal DC07 vacuum cleaner.

With three dogs, frequent vacuuming is essential. When we had carpet, we went through TWO Hoover vacuum cleaners — both choked and broke. What pieces of sh*t they were! We kept seeing the Dyson commercials and wondered whether James Dyson, the inventor, was blowing smoke about his product’s technology never clogging or losing suction, two things guaranteed with every vacuum I’ve ever owned.

Anyway, we decided to save money up and try a Dyson. Thrifty Pam surfed eBay and found a new-in-box, full-warranty Animal for about $330 (shipping included). This was last year, and the retail at that time was $499, so I got a bargain.

Kate wanted first possession (she’s the vacuum queen), so she put it together and tried it out. She was immediately doing the happy dance at how effective it was. She did the bedroom carpet and couldn’t believe the amount of dog hair that came up AFTER first vacuuming with the on-its-last-legs Hoover. She reported the following about the Dyson:

The good:
* it sucks (in a good way), and lives up to the no-clog pitch
* emptying the bagless container is great; the design is well-thought-out to avoid making a mess
* the beater-brush attachment included with the Animal works very well on upholstery

The not so good:
* it’s heavy (uprights generally are, but the Dyson more so); thankfully our house is one-story; I wouldn’t want to have to drag this sucker upstairs!
* using the extension wand takes getting used to (it’s oddly part of and inside the handle of the upright)

The bad:
* price, but it’s cheaper than going through vacuum cleaners

As regular Blenders might recall, in the spring Kate and I had the remaining carpet in all but one room removed and hardwoods were put in; the Dyson works wonderfully on carpet, wood and vinyl flooring.

Here’s the product description:

All-new, top-of-the-line Telescope™ Animal™ pet-owner’s upright (purple) features Dyson’s newest Root Cyclone® configuration for even more efficient suction power! Other improvements include an easy-access long Telescope™ wand for reaching corners and a larger vacuum slot for picking up bigger debris.

What makes Dyson different? Dyson doesn’t lose suction! Vacuum cleaners with bags clog and lose suction. Dyson, with no bag, has constant, powerful suction.

This is a gorgeous, brilliantly engineered machine that just happens to be the best vacuum cleaner on the planet. James Dyson, its inventor, explains his inspiration: “I was frustrated with my vacuum cleaner because the bag quickly clogged with dust, destroying the suction. So I set about developing an entirely new type of vacuum cleaner to solve this problem. More than 5,000 prototypes later, I was ready to launch the patented Dyson Cyclone, the first vacuum that doesn’t lose suction.”

Traditional bag vacuums — and imitative “bag-less” vacs — rely on bags or filters to trap dust and dirt, and their small pores start to clog the moment you start vacuuming. Their suction power drops to half (or less) after picking up just 10 ounces of dust, and the more you use them — the more you need them — the less they work!

This is where James Dyson’s innovation saved the day — designing a no-bag vacuum with patented Root Cyclone® technology, a large cyclone chamber topped by a ring of seven smaller “cyclones” using 100,000 Gs of centrifugal force to efficiently remove all dust and dirt from the airflow. Because nothing obstructs the airflow, Dyson doesn’t clog and doesn’t lose suction! Dyson cleans the last room as well as the first.

Dyson’s other innovative and unique features include a quick-draw 17-foot hose that makes it easy to vacuum on a staircase. Lifetime HEPA filter helps keep germs and mold out of the air (in fact, Dyson is endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation). Features a gentle “bare floor” mode plus automatic adjustment for short- versus long-pile carpet. When the permanent, clear collection bin looks full, you don’t have to touch anything that’s dirty. Instead, just lift it out by the large handle, carry to the trash and pull the trigger; the trap door falls open and the bin empties itself — hygienic and quick! And with no bags to buy or filters to replace, Dyson costs next to nothing to operate.

Comes with a special turbo pet-hair tool for upholstery; a low-profile floor tool for vacuuming under furniture; and Dyson’s Carpet Care Kit with Zorb™ powder for deeply buried dirt and Dysolv™ stain-removing spray. Includes three high-velocity airflow attachments (crevice, brush and stair tools) — all neatly stored on board for easy access. Additional 26 1/2 ounces of Zorb™ carpet maintenance powder to keep carpets looking new are available (DY506, order separately). It stands 45″ tall x 13 1/2″ x 14″ and weighs 18.5 lbs. Two-year warranty.

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