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Gay radio show debuts in SC, Christian Exodus conference coming up

More power to them! SC is definitely a hostile state if you’re queer — you’ll recall that the wacko Christian Exodus organization is based in SC — that outfit wants to create a Christian State — and separate from the rest of the U.S. If that’s the case, “Rainbow Radio” will have to look for a new home…

The first gay and lesbian radio show in South Carolina will begin at 10 a.m. Sunday. “Rainbow Radio: The Real Gay Agenda” will debut two days before National Coming Out Day, on Oct. 11.

The S.C. Gay and Lesbian Pride Movement and the Harriet Hancock Center of Columbia sponsor the show. “This is historic. This is just incredible,” said Ed Madden, president of the pride organization.

“Rainbow Radio” will broadcast on WOIC-AM 1230, Columbia’s Air America affiliate. Air America, which is broadcast on more than 50 stations nationally, was created a little more than a year ago to counter conservative talk shows on AM radio. “Rainbow Radio” consists of interviews – with topics such as marriage, religion, sexuality and special issues for black gays and lesbians – and commentary.

Madden said he expected a positive response to the show. “The point of the show is to give the gay and lesbian community a voice,” he said. “It’s on Air America, so we’re already assuming a progressive audience.” Archived shows will be available at

Speaking of Christian Exodus…it is in the news because it is going to hold its national conference next week in Greenville, SC. is coordinating the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of re-establishing Godly, constitutional government. It is evident that the U.S. Constitution has been abandoned under our current federal system, and the efforts of Christian activism to restore our Godly republic have proven futile over the past three decades. The time has come for Christians to withdraw our consent from the current federal government and re-introduce the Christian principles once so predominant in America to a sovereign State like South Carolina.

…Cory Burnell, the president of Christian Exodus, stated, “We’re very excited to discuss our vision for government reform. We have received a tremendous amount of support, and believe everyone will have a wonderful time on the 15th.” He went on to say, “Our mission is to reestablish constitutionally limited government founded upon Christian principles. So I hope other folks with that same desire will come out to the conference and see how we plan to do it.”

In addition to Mr. Burnell, the conference will also include the following speakers: Dr. Hugh Cort running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, Michael Chapman from American Heritage Research in Minnesota, Larry Kilgore running for the Texas Republican gubernatorial nomination in 2006, Dr. John Cobin the talk show host of Christian Worldview in Greenville, and Arthur Bryngelson running for Dorchester County Council in 2006.

There was a little media stir for Colorado wingnut Rep. Tom Tancredo, who’s giving a speech that has been “endorsed” by Christian Exodus, and his camp is having to disclaim any affiliation with the nutso organization.

You might recall that the feeble Congressman Tancredo made the news back in July when, in an on-air interview, he gave the following response to a question about how the country should respond if terrorists were to strike several U.S. cities with nuclear weapons:

“Well, what if you said something like – if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you know, you could take out their holy sites,” Tancredo answered.

You’re talking about bombing Mecca,” [WFLA’s Pat] Campbell said. “Yeah,” Tancredo responded. The congressman went on to say that he was “just throwing out some ideas” but that an “ultimate threat” might have to be met with an “ultimate response.”

Tancredo released a statement Sunday evening in which he said he was simply trying to figure out what the United States could use as a threat to deter future attacks.

“Among the many things we might do to prevent such an attack on America would be to lay out there as a possibility the destruction of these sites,” he wrote.

And what has to be one of the funniest punchlines ever:

His spokesman, Will Adams, said the congressman is a “free thinker” who was grappling with a hypothetical situation.

Adams left out a word. He meant intelligence-free thinker.

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