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Freeper rats abandoning ship over Chimp's poll numbers

Poll: Bush Disappointing Conservatives (39% approval rating). This is an article on the winger site Newsmax, that shows you how shaken the fringe Right is over the Chimp’s sinking polls (my post yesterday on a poll is here).

Among those most likely to have lost confidence about the nation’s direction over the past year are white evangelicals, down 30 percentage points since November, Republican women, down 28 points, Southerners, down 26 points, and suburban men, down 20 points.

Bush’s supporters are uneasy about issues such as federal deficits, immigration and his latest nomination for the Supreme Court. Social conservatives are concerned about his choice of Miers, a relatively unknown lawyer who has most recently served as White House counsel.

“Bush is trying to get more support generally from the American public by seeming more moderate and showing he’s a strong leader at the same time he has a rebellion within his own party,” Thurber said. “The far right is starting to be very open about their claim that he’s not a real conservative.”

His defenders left in Freeperland are shrill, and they are starting to feed on one another. Lovely…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Can you imagine how much lower Bush’s approval rating will go if Miers gets onto the court and isn’t another another Scalia? I don’t see things getting better unless Bush replaces Miers with a known originalist and rallies the base.”

“Have faith is our President. He knows Miers better than anyone and he is not one to sell out his base or what is right by Jesus.”

“I have problems with this nomination, evidence points logically to wide disagreement over it, but I can’t validate a poll I do not have faith in under any circumstance. Nor am I willing to consent to the Liberals with allowing them a role in this family dispute. They may watch from the outside. I will not include their polls in this fight. RASS, FOX, battleground and Mason Dixon remain the only polls I’ll acknowledge.”

“I feel very let down by the Mier’s pick and the Robert’s pics as well. Why gamble. It doesn’t matter that he knows Miers to me. I’m an ardent Bush supporter, but I’ve been shaking my head all week about this.”

“Yawn – Leaders don’t worry about polls – We have a leader as CIC – The whirlwind is in the thorn tree. It’s hard for thee to kick against the pricks. Till Armageddon, no Shalam, no Shalom.”

“The Republican majority is jeopardy. Only fool can’t see the damage being done to the Republican party with a revolt occurring in the base.”

“Just wait until Bush starts pushing his illegal alien amnesty /open borders plan in the next couple of months. His approval rating should go to 25%. Hell he could do everything his “base” wanted tomorrow and the next day “the base” would be screaming about some new “betrayal”. It has been that way for 5 long years and “the base” hasn’t stopped screaming for more than 48 hours. If it were me, I would tell “the base” to piss up a rope.”

“Our third term may be jeopardy. And if our third is, so is our fourth. The conservatives I know, who have steadfastly supported the president through all challenges, are starting to bail on him and everyone associated with him. They were willing to overlook all the other grave missteps including our porous borders and Bush’s signing of McCain’s campaign finance reform abomination. But allowing Harry Reid to nominate nonentity Harriet Miers to replace O’Connor was the last straw. They look at it as an act of gross and unforgivable stupidity if not betrayal.”

“If it were me, I would tell “the base” to piss up a rope. I would prefer an old Irishism, he should tell them to go crap in their hats.”

“Im one of the conservatives who disaproves of how Bush is handling his 2nd term. No one can say Bush has been a conservative this 2nd term… well maybe Sean Hannity.”

“‘I guess his Third term is in Jeopardy'” No, but the Republican Party’s is. That is unless they start doing what the hell we sent them to Washington to do.”

“The base should be ashamed of itself in my opinion. I am just appalled at the behavior. That poor woman won’t need the rats attacking her, her own side is doing a darn good job of it. I am sickened by all of those doing this.”

“Yeah I haven’t heard so much bellyaching in my entire life. It’s disgusting.”

“These mutineers have the astoundingly idiotic notion that they have some kind of say so over who their Commander-in-Chief chooses for the supreme court. They don’t and in the course of their crybaby tactics they reveal their true lack of backbone in backing our President. This collective insanity will not escape the notice of the American public and will result in an enormous blowback in ’06 and ’08.”

“I sit here and witness this hysteria and can only conclude that there is little difference between the squawkers over at DU and the squawkers here on FR. We know nothing about Harriet Miers, yet the doom and Gloomers have their bags packed as usual”

“Memo to the sniveling, naval-gazing, pathetic whiners(Kruthammer, Will, Coulter, Frum, Crystal, etc) who have gone off into barking moonbat land over the Miers nomination. As Jon Podhoretz said today “GEORGE BUSH WILL PULL THE TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ BEFORE HE WITHDRAWS the MIERS NOMINATION. It’s not going to happen so STFU, already.”

“Bush doesn’t have to worry about it, he’s not running for a third term. The republicans in congress need to worry about it though, because Bush is the biggest fund raiser the republican have ever had. If they keep stabbing him in the back, he has no reason to go out and raise money for them, and if they keep stabbing him in the back, half the pubbies who do like Bush will be turned off and not turn out to vote. Bush only has to continue to prosecute the WOT and finish up in Iraq. Even the senate isn’t stupid enough to try to stop that. One major attack on US soil because of their bickering and interferring and they’re all dead meat, both republicans and democrats.”

“Oh, give me a break! The true American spirit is to question our leaders…it should be done FAR more often. We wouldn’t be in our current mess if more had dared to do so. I’m far more concerned about lemmings, and “cult-of-personality” types who think that “trust me” is an acceptable response to legitimate questions. Amazing how many high and mighty self absorbed know-it-alls think they know more than Bush and badmouth him in public.”

“My question for the anti-Myers zealots is what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Crickets chirping…”

“It baffles me completely that the Bush White House has let things get this bad. Bush was handed a golden opportunity to rally the conservative base, boost his approval ratings, establish a Reagan-like legacy, and save the nation from the destructive Euro-style secular socialism that the Democrats have been foisting on us through the courts for decades, and Bush comes up with…. Harriet Miers. The magnitude of this blunder cannot be overstated. I read here that Rove had a hand in this nightmare. If that is true, then so much for the legend of Karl Rove. Talk about over-rated.”

“Perhaps Bush Jr. could rally the disappointed 61 percent with some of his usual articulate masterful rhetoric, explaining in persuasive nuanced detail why Miers is a great idea.”

“I hadn’t realized until this week that we’ve got a Howard D
ean wing in the Republican Party. I used to have great fun making light of the moonbattery over at DU but darn if the loonies on the right didn’t do them one better this week.”

“I will bet you right now any amount of money you want that the Democrats will lose again in 2006. There is absolutely nothing positive being proposed by the Democrats right now, and that has been the case since 2001. It takes an inspirational message to rally the people, and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING inspirational in the Democrat message these days.”

“We have a choice… We can be doom and gloomers like them, or we can continue with our optimistic agenda, or we can throw our arms in the air and surrender and watch Hillary get sworn in as POTUS in 2009”

“Excuse me! This is the President that gave us Campaign Finance Reform, Prescription Drug Benefit, and out of control spending. And you say he won’t sell out his base, that train left a long time ago!

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