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Michigan state senator unloads a truckload of anti-gay bullsh*t

“Homosexual and lesbian unions under any arrangement does not, and never will, constitute a family…Simply put, no homosexual or lesbian union is ever appropriate; rather, it is utter perversity.”

— Michigan state Senator Michael J. Goschka

He’s completely unrepentant too. When confronted by a gay rights organization about it, he unloaded some more In an email to constituents Goschka, the Saginaw News reports, invoked God and Christian principles as “bedrock” reasons to prevent gays access to health care through a partner’s public-sector job.

“I see it as very hateful to put the term ‘utter perversity’ on any group,” said Jay Crane of Bay City, president of Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays — PFLAG — which has 55 member families in the Tri-Counties.

“I see it as endorsing hateful actions and behavior against a minority group or individuals,” Crane said. “We call on Senator Goschka to apologize for his hateful condemnation of our loved ones.”

Goschka laughed at the demand.

They should apologize for their lifestyle and tolerating something so terrible,” Goschka said. “The lifestyle, the act itself, it is utterly perverse. It’s not natural. “It’s not a personal attack,” he added. “I’ve had gays work for me. Not a lot. But I don’t ask.”

This bastard’s cut from the same cloth as our local homo-hater, Bill James over in Charlotte (see “I wasn’t kidding when I said the NC wingnuts are sick“).

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