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Bob Knight wigs out over Time piece on gay teens

The penis-possessing head of the Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute is losing it again: “Clearly, the homosexual movement’s effort to recruit children has never been stronger than it is now.”

Two explosions from the AmTaliban in one week on the Time article on gay teens. The first was an unhinged response from “ex-gay” Stephen “Brightsmile” Bennett, who claims the article is full of pro-homosexual propaganda.

Now we have the homo-obsessing heavyweight weighing in — the very male Bob Knight of Concerned Women of America. Bob’s take on the article is that Time is playing into the hands of the homosexual agenda’s scheduled plan of domination and wanton recruitment.

One might remind Bob that his boss, the lightly-embalmed Beverly Lahaye, has an openly gay son named Lee who works for the organization as Chief Financial Officer. Lee clearly didn’t turn gay as a a result of Gay-Straight Alliances or by growing up in some sort of imagined “deviant” environment. Here is the Time article (via See if anything you read there remotely resembles the hysterical perspective below. It’s laughable.

A TIME magazine cover story and a recent pro-homosexual school event should leave no doubt that homosexual activists are recruiting kids into homosexual sex and a “gay” identity, using “tolerance” as a ruse.

The TIME October 10 piece, “The Battle Over Gay Teens,” which includes not a single reference to the extremely dangerous medical consequences of homosexual behavior, especially for boys, includes these details:

• A cocktail party in Manhattan with billionaire liquor magnate Edgar Bronfman, Sr. and Clinton political strategist David Mixner was held in May to raise money for the Point Foundation, a scholarship program to turn “gay” kids into homosexual activists.

…• “Gay kids can now watch fictional and real teens who are out on shows like Desperate Housewives, the dating show Next on MTV and Degrassi (a high school drama on the N network whose wild popularity among adolescents is assured by the fact that few adults watch). Publishers like Arthur A. Levine Books (of Harry Potter fame) and the children’s division of Simon & Schuster have released something like a dozen novels about gay adolescents in the past two years….Gay kids can now subscribe to the 10-month-old glossy YGA Magazine (YGA stands for ‘young, gay America’) and meet thousands of other little gays via young gay america. com (sic) or”

• “‘We’re gonna win,’ says [GLSEN founder Kevin] Jennings, speaking expansively of the gay movement, ‘because of what’s happening in high schools right now.’ … Jennings recalls that when he first started raising money more than a decade ago, ‘the attitude was either “Isn’t it cute that you’re working with kids?” or “Why are you working with kids? What are you, f—— crazy?”’”

Editor’s note: In other settings Jennings has used the “f-word” to dismiss faith-based opponents, and has said he envisions a day when the schools openly embrace homosexuality. At a GLSEN conference, a teacher said she thought it was important to acquaint pupils with homosexuality beginning in kindergarten because “that’s when the saturation process begins.”

But the overall impact of the article helps validate the idea of “gay kids,” and will undoubtedly induce some to act out their sexual curiosity since so many others appear to be doing so. The constant focus on homosexuality becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, much as TIME’s frequent articles during the 1960s and 1970s about the “growing phenomenon” of illicit drug use helped spur some kids to try marijuana and LSD.

Nothing is surprising about the level of wingnuttery here as Bob’s railed obsessively about gay dominiation in his typical ass-hat fashion before.

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