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Today's moaning of dingbat wingnuts

Bring out the tiny violins again.

Our first victim is Daddy James Dobson. He’s whining that Repugs of the highest ethical standards (you know, DeLay, Frist, folks like that), are being smeared to hurt his man Chimpy and the AgendaTM.

Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson says conservatives are being attacked in an effort to intimidate the president and Republican leaders.

During a recent interview on the Fox News Channel, Dobson said the recent indictment of Texas Congressman Tom DeLay for an alleged campaign finance scheme, and questions about the timing of a large stock sale by Senator Bill Frist, are both attempts to undermine Republican strategy. The ministry founder said the media’s response to such attacks differs greatly from its reporting during the Clinton administration. “In the nineties, we heard an awful lot about the ‘politics of personal destruction’ [from people defending] President Clinton when he lied under oath,” Dobson pointed out. “You don’t hear that anymore — the media doesn’t talk about that.” But Dobson is convinced that, indeed, that is what is happening now. “If you just look at the people who have been targeted, I think it is the politics of personal destruction,” he stated.

I’m wondering if Daddy Dobson has taken a look at this story: Emails may show DeLay role in illegal fundraising case.


I guess the lack of a Miers paper trail is making the Right sweat profusely. Look at these squirming wingnuts…

Pat Buchanan sounds like he’s about to lose it:

For as of today there is no evidence Harriet Miers possesses the judicial philosophy, strength of intellect, firmness of conviction or deep understanding of the gravity of the matters on which her vote would be decisive to be confirmed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

If she does not exhibit these qualities in testimony before the Judiciary Committee, Harriet Miers should be rejected. That she is a woman, a good lawyer, a trusted friend of the Bush family, a born-again Republican and Evangelical Christian is not enough. That Dr. James Dobson has been secretly assured by Karl Rove she is pro-life is not enough. After all, we have a president who professes to be “pro-life,” yet cannot bring himself to say that Roe v. Wade was an abomination he hopes will go the way of Dred Scott.

Because of the immense damage the Supreme Court has done to our society over fifty years, seizing upon and dictating on issues beyond its constitutional province, imposing a social revolution from above, tearing our country apart over race, religion and morality, conservatives cannot take any more risks. We are too close, now, to the promised land.

…Why did Bush do it? Is he unaware of the history or savagery of this struggle? Does he not understand the cruciality of this one court appointment to conservatives who vaulted him to the nomination over McCain and gave him the presidency twice? Does he not care?


Little Gary Bauer‘s having second thoughts about his “wait and see” approach on Miers when it comes to Roe v. Wade. Retro-female Elaine Donnelly is obsessing that softball-playing Harriet might be willing to allow homos in the military and women in combat. Why am I having way too much fun watching them squirm?

Gary Bauer’s Washington, DC-based group, the Campaign for Working Families, labels itself as “unapologetically pro-family, pro-life.” Bauer himself is considered by many among the conservative community to be the most effective spokesman on behalf of the family and unborn children. That is why the CWF chairman is concerned about conflicting reports regarding the pro-life stance of the Texas native who could be the next Supreme Court justice.

Bauer is concerned that “not one friend, associate, co-worker or White House official is able to produce one sentence she has written or spoken in criticism of Roe v. Wade.” And he admits he is troubled by her apparent silence on the controversial issue — especially since she was baptized into the Christian faith more than 25 years ago and is an active member of an evangelical church in Dallas.

Surely in a pro-life state like Texas,” Bauer wonders, “there was no reason for her to be silent on the fundamental legal controversy of our age.”


Elaine Donnelly, however, is openly expressing her disappointment in President Bush’s choice to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the high court. The conservative military watchdog, who heads up the Center for Military Readiness, says while it is true that Harriet Miers does not have a judicial paper trail, her record as White House counsel is a legitimate cause for concern.

“I’ve been told that she has been the gatekeeper on all legal issues in the White House,” Donnelly shares. “The issues of concern to the Center for Military Readiness — such as women in combat, women’s continued exemption from registration for Selective Service, and of course homosexuals in the military — I have sent numerous messages to the White House [regarding those issues]. But apparently those messages did not get through the gate — the gate that Harriett Miers was keeping.”

The CMR president says she is concerned that once Miss Miers is on the Supreme Court, she might side with those who want to use the military for social experimentation. And Donnelly is also anxious about the fact that Miers, in her capacity as White House counsel, apparently has not advised the president to enforce the ban on women serving in ground combate.

“We see the president saying in January, ‘No women in land combat’ — and yet the Department of the Army has been changing the rules without notice to Congress, which is required by law,” Donnelly observes. “You would think that the White House counsel — the president’s good friend — would say, ‘Mr. President, the Army needs to be brought back in line with the law.'”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding