A major major address to the nation about terro— Hey! Check out that dog’s balls!

I kind of wondered why Bush’s handlers would schedule his major address on terrorism for 10:30 eastern time when most people are, you know, kind of at work and stuff. And then I figured he didn’t want to go up against the baseball playoffs in primetime because:

A) It would piss people off
B) He would be busy watching
C) Both

So here it is 6:10 PST and I get home and check CNN.com and the headline story is the dubious terrorist threat in NYC. Okay. Let’s check other headlines:

• Health chief: World ‘woefully unprepared’ for flu | WATCH
• Filipino indicted in White House spy case | WATCH
• Rove to testify again in CIA leak investigation | WATCH
• Body found may be abandoned girl’s mom
• Millionaires feud over parking
• SI.com: Cards go 2-0 up | Live score | WATCH
• Prosthetic testicles fix fixed dogs

Short shelflife, eh?

For those keeping score at home, that’s Neuticles 1, Bush Terror Speech 0.

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