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I can't wait to see Daddy Dobson repent on the air

Focus on the Family’s James Dobson has thrown down the gauntlet. After he declared that he knows something about the softball-playing Harriet Miers that no one else does from people close to her, he’s raised the stakes by saying he trusts the Chimpster on this pick or he’s going to publicly flog himself over being wrong. Please, I’ll even drop on my knees to see this one take place.

Those individuals, says Dobson, have confirmed reports that the 60-year-old nominee is an active and dedicated Christian who serves in her nondenominational, evangelical Dallas church — Valley View Christian Church. “She is a deeply committed Christian,” said Dobson, “and a tithe-paying member” of her church, according to those conversations. reported this week that Miers has taught Sunday school and served on the church’s mission board for years. And the pastor of her church, according to that report, is a staunch pro-lifer.

According to a New York Times article yesterday, Miers made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ in 1979 and was baptized soon thereafter at Valley View Christian Church. Her longtime friend, Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan L. Hecht — who prayed with Miers when she accepted the Lord — told the Times he knows where she stands on abortion. “Yes, she goes to a pro-life church,” he said, adding, “I know Harriet is, too.”

Dobson also took time during his broadcast to address recent allegations that Miss Miers, in the late 1980s, had voiced support for homosexual rights and financially supported the presidential campaign of Democrat Al Gore. Dobson noted that in a 1989 survey Miers said she supported equal, not special, rights for homosexuals — a stand consistent with his own beliefs, said Dobson; and in the same survey also state she did not support repeal of the Texas sodomy law, a statute that was later overturned by the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas.

…But aside from Miers’ apparent stand on hot-button social issues, Dr. Dobson spent ample time explaining why he believes President Bush ought to be trusted on his selection of the former head of the Texas State Bar. Thus far, he said, the president has been true to his campaign promise to place conservative, strict constructionist judges on the federal bench. So the ministry founder wonders why — with his political legacy hinging so heavily on his judicial appointments — would the president “sabotage” that legacy with an appointment inconsistent with his own tenets.

“It would contradict his basic philosophical beliefs,” said Dobson. And lest he be accused of being a “shill” for the president, Dobson noted that he does not agree with every policy coming out of the White House, such as how to deal with illegal immigration. But as far as the Miers nomination is concerned, he said, “I believe in trusting this president at this time.” [Right about now, I have to think Dobson is losing his mind if he thinks the Chimperor has principles. If that’s what he’s hanging his support on, he needs to drop to his knees and start praying hard.]

Dobson concluded by saying that if he is wrong on the nomination of Harriett Miers, he will come before the microphone and “repent.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding