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Houston pols come out against marriage amendment

It takes some cojones to “come out” against the bigot amendment in Rick Perry’s manly Lone Star State.

Some of Houston’s leading city politicians are voicing their opposition to a proposed amendment to the Texas constitution that would ban same-sex marriage. Led by City Controller Annise Parker a number of council members joined members of the Houston Equal Rights Alliance outside City Hall on Tuesday to condemn the amendment.

Parker, who is a lesbian and will run for reelection this fall unopposed, has a longtime partner and adopted children. She told reporters that if the measure passes it will promote homophobia and discrimination. “I would hope and pray that most Texans wouldn’t embrace something like this,” she said.

…Texans will vote on the proposed amendment on Nov. 8. It would define marriage as a union solely of a man and a woman and bar civil unions in Texas. The state already has a law banning same-sex marriage, but supporters of the amendment say that by that putting it in the state constitution judges would be prevented from overturning the law.

Among the supporters are Gov. Rick Perry. In June Perry signed the legislation sending the amendment to voters. Although his signature was not needed [the very heterosexual] Perry said that the symbolism was important. Following the signing the governor was asked at a press conference how he would tell Texas gay and lesbian war veterans that they cannot come home from the war in Iraq and get married.

And then Perry said the following…

As I said in my original post, Rick Perry, eat my dog’s waste product.

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