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Cheney had spy on his staff

A spy running around inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue stealing documents? Why should this be shocking — after all, they had rent boy-cum-cub reporter “Jeff Gannon” signed in and roaming at all hours of the day and night — what’s the big deal? At least this criminal was arrested. There are probably dozens more in the Administration that need to end up in the paddy wagon.

What I couldn’t get over is the Yahoo/AFP page with the story. Get a load of the pic of Cheney (click to enlarge)!

There’s also been a series of amazingly unflattering pics of the president up on the wires as well, all at the public pontificating events over Miers’ qualifications:

Perhaps Mike Tidmus can make an interesting collage (hint, hint).

UPDATE: Blender Sean in Dallas beat Mike to the punch; here’s his submission (click to enlarge):

The thumbtack fun refers to yesterday’s post, NC student “turned in” to Secret Service by Wal-Mart photo lab.

Blenders, feel free to jump in with your own P’Shop interpretation of the Chimperor’s expressions. 🙂

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