101st Fighting Keyboarders ranks to be thinned.

According to Michelle Malkin anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of chemistry and who has recently grown facial hair is now an Islamic terrorist.

***updated…attempted ammonium nitrate purchase?…bomb contained TATP…Hinrichs attended the same mosque as Zacarias Moussaoui?***

Veteran journalist Mark Tapscott raises red flags over the MSM’s coverage of the Oklahoma suicide bomber.

Hinrichs is the Oklahoma student who recently commited suicide outside of a Oklahoma football game and now Greater Wingnuttia is frothing at the mouth with rumors that he attended a mosque and he had Islamic hate literature and yadda yadda yadda…but without any real proof because of a MSM conspiracy that is keeping us in the dark because they hate America and probably Oklahoma football too.

Sadly, Hinrichs just appears to be just another one of those lonely quiet types:

Hinrichs’ father, Joel Hinrichs Jr., described his son, the youngest of five children, as a “very private individual.”

He said his son was lonely and had gone through several bouts of depression, one of which forced him to take a year off of school.

“He was going to counseling at Goddard. They did their best to help him,” Hinrichs’ father said.

Hinrichs’ passion for technology surfaced at a young age, a fascination he maintained throughout his life.

“At seven years old, he asked me how to turn ore into metal. We had a 45-minute conversation about it,” Hinrichs’ father said.

Technological concepts came easily to Hinrichs. The skills necessary for making friendships, however, did not.

“He was bright, but for whatever reason the process of making friends just didn’t come to him easily,” Hinrichs’ father said.

He said his son’s attempts at friendships failed during school, to the point that he stopped trying.

Hinrichs’ time was consumed with technological tinkering.


Very few people knew Hinrichs on a personal basis.

Hinrichs’ neighbors at Parkview Apartments confirmed his quiet nature.

“He’s very calm and quiet. Kind of, I can’t say lonely, but he prefers to stay alone. He’s not the kind of social person,” said Sam Dandashly, political science sophomore, who lived near Hinrichs’ apartment.

Dandashly said he was shocked to find out that Hinrichs was the person behind the bombing. Another neighbor, Jumao Wang, shared that sentiment.

“We saw him several times, but we never talked to him,” Wang said.

Soooo…following the Malkin Model we should start rounding up the social maladroits who have an interest in electronics and technology, and start putting them in camps… which should pretty much cleanse the blogosphere of about 80% of the war bloggers.

Unless Camp MalkinManzanar has free wi-fi, in which case we won’t really notice anything different at all outside of the bars and social gatherings being slightly more geek-free.

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