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Faux News as Sapphic for Condi?

Maybe Fox News anchor Lauren Green and Condi can make beautiful music together. What will she tell her “husband” the Chimp?

Whew. There have been rumors floating about that Condi’s a dyke, but only whispers with no proof, just grapevine stuff, you know. Who’d have thought that it would be Fox News reporter Jamie Rosen that would try to set “married to her job” Condi up with a female colleague in an interview, heh, heh?

The article in Radar also notes that Rice hasn’t been publicly linked with anyone since a relationship of some kind with football player/actor Gene Washington in the late 80s. (Radar Online):

ROSEN: … All right. I close with a gift for you. You met this person once, I believe, but you really, I think, ought to know each other because this woman is… I think you’ll have an interest in knowing her. She is one of our Fox News anchors in New York. Her name is Lauren Green. She is brilliant, she’s beautiful, she’s African-American, she’s single and she’s a concert pianist in her spare time.

RICE: My goodness.

ROSEN: And she asked me to give you her CD and I promised her that I would.

RICE: That’s perfect.

ROSEN: And here’s her doing a number of different classical pieces.

RICE: Well, that’s special.

ROSEN: So there you have it.

RICE: Thank her very much and I look forward to seeing her sometime.

ROSEN: All right. She’s going to want to hear from you.

RICE: And maybe even playing dual piano sometime.

Not surprisingly, the curious exchange left many wondering if the wry reporter was trying to set Rice up on a date. But when we called to ask if he was trying to play matchmaker, Rosen insisted “nothing could be further from the truth…What I meant to say is that the two of them have a lot in common.” The veteran correspondent, who has frequently accompanied Rice on overseas trips, added, “I would never presume to deal at all with Secretary Rice’s personal life.”

Hat tip, AmericaBlog

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