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AmTaliban in NJ can't draw a crowd

“We are offended that such a holy institution should be used for ideological and political purposes for which it was never intended … Marriage has deeply rooted civil and societal benefits that have been recognized by government spanning hundreds of generations and therefore should not be redefined from a political, judicial or social perspective in this generation.”
— Rev. David Ireland of Christ Church in Montclair, jawboning to a tiny turnout of supporters of a ban on “the outrage” of same-sex marriage in NJ

What’s it like to throw a little anti-gay marriage party and no one shows up?

Ask the New Jersey Faith Alliance and the New Jersey Coalition to Preserve & Protect Marriage — the organizations held a rally to pressure the state lawmakers into passing an amendment to ban same sex marriage and less than 200 people showed up. (

Despite weeks of promotion the small turnout is seen as an indication that most people in the state have little interest in the issue. Even the two candidates for governor of New Jersey have stated they would oppose a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, although neither will go so far as to endorse gay marriage.

The 200 losers must have all squeezed together to get in the frame.

…”We stand united to affirm the God ordained view of marriage, held since the beginning of civilization: that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Upholding this position is a crucial quality of life issue that will affect future generations to come,” organizers said in a statement. [Huh? Please give me some idea of how keeping homos from marrying is a “quality of life issue”?!]

“This sacred covenant must never be altered to satisfy special interest groups and certain public officials and judges. Therefore, we cannot affirm the recent same-sex marriage ceremonies performed by certain clergy whose actions contradict the historic tenets of their faith.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding