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I think we may see mass Freeper suicide over Miers

The knuckle-draggers in Freeperland were wailing even as the first AP story came out that Harriet Miers was the new SCOTUS pick.

I’m sure after they get a taste of these facts (via AmericaBlog), a whole lot of them will be going over the edge, because Miers, at the very least, won’t pass their homo-hating litmus test.

Exhibit A: The “gay rights” questionnaire obtained by HRC.

She filled this out in 1989 when she was running for Dallas City Council. A crucial answer is revealed right off the bat:
Do you believe that gay men and lesbians should have the same civil rights as non-gay men and women?


Exhibit B: Support for gay and lesbian adoption

From TNR:

[Miers] submitted the following report to the ABA’s House of Delegates. Here are two of the report’s recommendations:

Supports the enactment of laws and public policy which provide that sexual orientation shall not be a bar to adoption when the adoption is determined to be in the best interest of the child. …

Recommends the development and establishment of an International Criminal Court.

All the talking heads getting prepared to get in front of a camera at Faux News or on winger radio programs and chat up about Harriet better have some keen explanations for these little exhibits. I don’t see how they can spin this to satisfy the Freepi or the AmTaliban.

While we cannot jump for joy for Miers, we can relish the fact that Bush is f*cking over the folks that have been waiting for decades to reshape the court. They raised the Chimperor to demi-god status, and now he’s crapping all over their agenda. It really must hurt to be Bob Knight or James Dobson right now, boo hoo.

My question is whether Bush really wanted to screw these loyal, faux-Christian sheeple, or he’s just feeling so politically weak that he cannot afford to toss in one of the highly touted wingnut names the Right wanted on the Court.

Also see the AP article: Miers Backed Gay Civil Rights

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Pam Spaulding